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Civic engagement is an important component of the Pre-Vet Society. The Society is currently spearheading several projects in line with our goal of aiding both the animal and local community. See below to read about our various activities.


Fall 2018 Merchandise Schedule

If you signed up to help Pre-Vet Society sell merchandise this semester, you can double check the schedule here.

We have tons of awesome merchandise this semester, so tell everyone you know! Email us or talk to an officer at a meeting if you wish to sign up for one of the blank slots. Note that selling merchandise is capped at two shifts a semester to give everyone a chance to help out and get points for doing so!

How to Help

Polo Team Volunteering

To work with the polo club, you will have to join one of the 3 week groups that rotate throughout the semester. You can join one of these groups periodically at meetings and seminars throughout the semester. Morning feedings occur between 6am-10am, and evening feedings occur from 5pm-9pm. You will also have to fill out an AOR for the polo club, which can be found here.

This is a wonderful opportunity for animal experience, but please keep in mind that the care of over 20 horses will be in your hands. Please remember to treat this seriously and professionally. Email the Vice President at if you have any questions! Many more details will be given upon signing up.

Refer to the calendar of events on this site for other volunteer opportunities, and come to meetings to stay updated on everything going on this semester!

For all other Pre-Vet society hosted events, please make sure you have filled out all necessary paperwork to be able to attend the designated activity. To access waivers, please click here.

*Outside Hours* Please download a volunteer record sheet by clicking here, or you can make your own! Please make sure to include the date, location of service, activity, hours, and have a signature when volunteering outside of Pre-Vet. 10 outside volunteer hours can be counted toward your Distinguished Membership for a total of 10 points. You can bring this form to a meeting or send a picture of the completed form to

Cancellation Policy for Volunteering Opportunities:

Members have 24 hours after they receive a reminder/info email to cancel with no penalty. If this policy is not followed members will have half of the set points from the event docked from the semester point total.

Please check our google calendar for events here!