Ecology: Scientist Videos

Within this section, the learner will:

  • Explore how scientists use ecology in their research, careers, and other areas of science.

Get to know Dr. Bernardo!

In this video you get an insight on Dr. Bernado, how he got his start in evolutionary ecology, and how he studies the interactions of various organisms.

In the following videos, you are going to join Dr. Bernardo as he answers some really interesting questions.

How does animal variation play a role in adaptation to an environment?

How did animals living near volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean get there?

Who is Charles Darwin and what did he discover?

Did each Galapagos island have different ecology and if so, how did it influence the makeup of the birds?

What influence do adaptations such as jaws have on ecology?

Do brain characteristics have an effect on ecology?

Is evolution something that is in the past?

Why do animals have abilities that humans don't have?