Cell Biology Post Test

Welcome to your Cell Biology Post Test

1. In 1838 botanist Matthias Schleiden determined that all plants are composed of cells. In 1839 anatomist Theodor Schwann proposed that all animals are composed of cells. In 1855 biologist Rudolph Virchow added to Schleiden’s and Schwann’s observations and proposed that all living things are composed of cells. Which statement is also part of Virchow’s cell theory?
2. Which of the following correctly describes the functions of the cell structures?
3. Three cousins have a similar appearance but different face shapes. Which of these cell components are most involved in determining the basic shape of each girls face?
4. Which of the components could be observed using a microscope in a prepared slide of leaf epidermal cells but not in a prepared slide of human cheek cells?
Some components of cells are listed below.
5. Recent studies in bone research indicate that using ultrasound on a broken bone can decrease the healing time by 25%. Which of these are the most basic levels of organization involved when a bone heals?
6. Which of these correctly identifies the two cells described in the table?
Some students used information they gathered from lab investigations to prepare a table. They entered the table in their lab notebooks.
7. Which group of organelles is directly responsible for the production of new molecules within a cell?
8. What is TRUE about the inside of an animal cell?
9. Which statement correctly describes cell shape and size?
10. Which of the following parts of plants are made of cells?