Clinical Trials Post Test

Welcome to your Clinical Trials Post Test

1. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. Which question might a company that wants to develop antiviral drugs for cold sores ask before beginning clinical trials?
2. Based on these data, which hypothesis was Connell most likely testing?
3. What should the student do to improve this experiment?
4. Which group served as the control in this clinical trial?
5. A student conducted an experiment to determine if listening to different types of music would affect pulse rate. She thought that pulse rate would increase with a faster beat. Each person participating in her experiment listened to seven different selections of music for 30 seconds each. The pulse rates were taken after each 30-second interval of music. Based on the data from her experiment, the student concluded that a person's pulse rate increased when listening to music with a faster beat. The component missing from the scientific method process is:
6. The analysis of data gathered during a particular experiment is necessary in order to
7. A biologist reported success in breeding a tiger and a lion, producing healthy offspring. Other biologists will consider this conclusion reliable only if
8. What question is the student most likely trying to answer with this experiment?
9. A group of students is performing an investigation to measure how much liquid water is produced from 10 L sample of snow in 30 minutes. What is missing from this experiment?
10. After examining the fossil record, scientists have determined that scorpions today are much smaller than their extinct ancestors. For example, Jaekelopterus rhenaniae, a giant scorpion species that lived 255 million to 460 million years ago, was 2.5 meters long. Which of the following conclusions is best supported by the data collected by scientists?