Ecology Pre Test

Welcome to your Ecology Pre Test

1. Based on the chart, which food chain best models a flow of energy in this ecosystem?
2. Which types of native organisms do feral hogs most likely compete with for food sources?
Wild hogs introduced to Texas from Europe became feral after the hogs escaped from the ranches where they lived. Feral hogs are omnivores that feed on native plants, crops, and small animals. Feral hogs can damage an ecosystem by rooting through the soil to look for food and trampling small plants.

3. Both primary and secondary succession begin with pioneer species that --
4. Which statement provides the best explanation for the difference in biomass of organisms found at each trophic level?
A biomass pyramid of an ecosystem is shown.
5. In this food web energy is transferred directly between --
6. Based on these observations, which ecosystem is likely to be the least sustainable?
7. A zookeeper sets up a habitat for a certain species of rabbit. Which answer choice describes the rabbit as it interacts with two nonliving parts of the rabbit’s habitat?
8. Which table shows the correct role of each organism in the food chain below?
9. How many types of organisms in this food web obtain energy directly from producers?
10. Which two types of organisms have a producer-consumer relationship in this African savanna?