Student Research Interviews

Amanda Clauson

Interest: Biological Clocks
Classification: Senior​
A senior at Texas A&M University, Amanda first became interested in science when she was given a young scientist microscope as a little girl. Her current research interest is in biological clock control and how it affects biological clocks and metabolism. In this video she gives us a tour of the research lab and walks us through the steps of data collection.

Gina Dobek

Interest: Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Classification: 2nd yr vet student
A second year student at the Texas A&M University Vet School, Gina’s initial interest in science came from her high school biology and chemistry classes. She is investigating avian influenza or bird flu. Her initial interest in infectious diseases and birds led to her current research project. In the video she walks us through how she conducts her research on specific avian influenza receptors in both mammals and birds.

Jackie Michalka

Interest: Agricultural Engineering
Classification: Senior​
A senior agricultural engineer at Texas A&M University, Jackie is currently working in a bioenergy testing analysis lab. She describes in what agricultural engineers are interested in studying. Her research project is on developing a technique to convert wood molasses into ethanol to be used as a renewable fuel. She walks us through the steps of her research project and the tools with which she works.

Kara Hudson

Interest: Neuroscience
Classification: Senior​
A senior at Texas A&M University studying biology, Kara is investigating spinal cord injury research and developing techniques to regain function after severe trauma to the spinal cord. In the video she explains the basis and theory behind her research project. She attributes her interest in science and research to her mother.


Megan Wickstrom

Interest: Protein Stability
Classification: Senior​
Megan is senior biology student at Texas A&M University, and she is researching protein stability. She outlines her research project and explains the details behind proteins’ stability as well as outlines the many different career choices available to science majors.

Veronica Flores

Interest: Malaria in Flamingos
Classification: veterinary student
A vet student who researched malaria parasites in flamingos at Forth Worth Zoo, Veronica’s first brush with science came from an owl pellet dissection in school. She explains how malaria is contracted by birds through parasites and walks us through the steps of her research plan and the tools she used. She strives to be an academic mentor who is a minority and talks about the advantages of diversity in students at college.