Calendar of Events

Spring 2022 Semester

Meetings and seminars will resume in-person in VENI 107A in Spring 2022, but meeting location and format is subject to change at any time.

Some events will be added throughout the semester, so continue to check back periodically for updates!

A google calendar can be found here.

General Meetings

All meetings are worth 4 points toward your Distinguished Membership!


All seminars are worth 4 points toward your Distinguished Membership!

Upcoming Events

Profit Shares

Carpooling Document

What is this?

  • The Riding Document can be found here. This document serves as a way for members to find an easier way towards finding rides to our different events.

How can I use this?

  • If you are searching for a ride, enter your info in the red column on the left. If you are willing to give a ride (and gain points by doing so), use the blue column on the right.
  • You MUST fill out a driving waiver and turn it into before getting in the car – otherwise, the ride was not “approved” by PVS and you cannot get points! The driving release waiver is found on our website under the links tab. If you complete the waiver and turn it in before driving, you can get one point for driving the member to the meeting and one point for driving them back.
  • Once you have found a ride or your car is full, please try to remove your name from the document so others are not contacting you. Please check the document frequently to find riders or drivers!