Membership Status

Click on the Member Points Roster Spring 2022 to check your membership status.

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Basic Membership (0-59 points):

In order to become a member of the Pre-Vet Society, you must pay dues by the deadline online. We allow new members to join during both the Fall and Spring semesters!

Member Contact Google Form Spring 2022

Member Points Roster Spring 2022


Dues are 50 dollars for the year, or 30 dollars for a single semester, and include a membership shirt. To become a member and be awarded Distinguished Membership, dues must be paid by the third general meeting.

Distinguished Membership (60 points & above):

A list of all distinguished members will be sent to the vet school at the conclusion of each semester. The top 3 members with the most PVS points each semester will be granted a scholarship from Pre-Vet Society.
In order to become a distinguished member, each of the following specifications must be met by the last meeting of each semester:

  1. Pay dues by the set deadline
  2. Fill out the Member Contact form. This form must be filled out each semester, as it does not carry over to the Spring if you fill it out in the Fall. If you do not wish to have your information public, please contact
  3.  Collect points from the following areas:
    1. Meeting or Seminar attendance (4 pts/meeting)
    2. Volunteer hours with sponsor signature (1 pt/hour)
      – Volunteering hours toward distinguished is maxed at 8 hours
    3. Animal handling events/profit shares/other events (varies by event)
    4. Give other members rides to meetings/events (2 pts/ride)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not show up for an event you signed up for, half of the points that the event is worth will be deducted from your semester total.

For a detailed explanation of point requirements, view the 2021-2022 constitution.

Member Surveys

Below are some surveys that members can fill out to give feedback after various events and meetings are held. These surveys can be completed for 1 point each with a total of 3 points earned. These are not anonymous, however honest feedback is appreciated. Each survey can be filled out multiple times with points being earned only after the first submission.

Events Survey

Handling Clinic Survey

General Meeting/Seminar Survey

Member Graduation Cords

Graduation cords will be available for any member who has achieved 4 non-consecutive semesters of Distinguished Membership while in PVS. Fill out the Google Form below if you believe you will have met these requirements by your graduation date!

Graduation Cord Form