Clinical Research Review Committee (CRRC)

CVMBS Informed Owner Consent Form for Teaching Laboratories 2022 | CVMBS Informed Owner Consent Form for Research 2022


The charge of the committee is to provide needed institutional oversight of clinical research involving client-owned animals. The goal of the Clinical Research Review Committee (CRRC) is to protect animals, animal owners, investigators, and Texas A&M University by assuring the ethical and humane treatment of all participants in clinical research.


Members are appointed by department heads. Committee members are comprised of one to two representatives from each Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) Department, the Campus Veterinarian (or his/her designate), a member from an outside college, and a community representative. Ex-officio members include the Assistant Dean of Hospital Operations and the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies. Other ex-officio members may be added at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies. The Chair is elected by the Committee. A membership term is three years and may be renewed. The expiration of terms will be staggered to ensure continuity within the committee.

MemberAffiliationTerm Ends
Bailey, E. Murl (Ex-officio)VTPP
Budke, Christine (Chair)VIBS2024
Clendenin, AngelaSchool of Public Health2022
Criscitiello, Mike (Ex-officio)Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
Cunningham, MelissaCommunity Representative2022
Deveau, MichaelVSCS2023
Glass, KatiVLCS2024
Hardy, JoanneVLCS2023
Nabity, MaryVTPB2024
Simon, BradleyVSCS2023
Stewart, H. RandolphVTPP2023
Vempulapalli, TracyComparative Medicine2023


All CRRC submissions must now be routed through the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and must be accompanied by an animal use protocol (AUP). Please note that the CVMBS uses different “Owner Consent Forms” than the rest of The Texas A&M University System. Please visit the Research Compliance & Biosafety IACUC website for further details.

Any questions regarding the use of or the completion of the above forms should be directed to Eleni Vonda at orĀ 979.458.8686.

CRRC Review & Approval

The CVMBS requires CRRC review and approval if non-residual sample collection, diagnostics, treatment, or animal care is influenced by considerations other than the needs of the patient.

If you have questions about whether or not your study requires CRRC review and approval, please contact Dr. Christine Budke at


The CRRC convenes monthly to review consent form submissions. Submissions received less than one week before the next meeting date may not be reviewed until the following meeting.

2022 Meeting Dates:

  • Jan. 19
  • Feb. 16
  • Mar. 16
  • Apr. 20
  • May 18
  • Jun. 15
  • Jul. 20
  • Aug. 17
  • Sep. 21
  • Oct. 19
  • Nov. 9*
  • Dec. 14*

*second week of the month