Diagnostics & Therapeutics


Faculty researchers working in the Diagnostics & Therapeutics (D&T) emphasis area focus on the basic principles of diagnostics and therapeutics with modern biotechnologies. They are engaged in the study of disease and the development of novel diagnostic tests and therapeutic strategies.

Dr. Nick Jeffrey with Oscar and his owner, Ashley Williams

Areas of research include:

  • clinical trials in
    • neurology,
    • oncology,
    • cardiology,
    • orthopedics/stem cells, and
    • internal medicine,
  • as well as diagnostics and therapeutics for
    • gastrointestinal,
    • renal,
    • orthopedic/regenerative medicine, and
    • reproductive disorders.

Emphasis Area Leadership

If you have questions relating to this research emphasis area, please reach out to the tracks’ leadership.
Track Co-Leaders: Dr. Jan Suchodolski |  Dr. Tibor Farkas

Affiliated Faculty