Physiology & Developmental Biology


Faculty researchers working in the Physiology & Developmental Biology (P&DB) emphasis area focus on the advanced, integrated understanding of animal formation and function at levels of organization ranging from molecules to whole organisms to promote health and overcome disease.

horse with its mother

They come from a wide range of fields, including:

  • cardiovascular physiology,
  • cell biology/genetics/epigenetics,
  • development biology,
  • musculoskeletal biology and regeneration,
  • neuroscience, reproduction and endocrinology, and
  • pharmacology/toxicology.

The high level of cooperation among the faculty from various departments within the VMBS and across the Texas A&M University scientific community provides a unique interdisciplinary training environment. Investigators use state-of-art in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo experimental models and analytical capabilities taking advantage of extensive advanced research facilities and big data analytical platforms.

Emphasis Area Leadership

If you have questions relating to this research emphasis area, please reach out to the tracks’ leadership.
Track Co-Leaders: Dr. Gonzalo Rivera | Dr. Gregory Johnson

Affiliated Faculty