Signature Programs

The college strategic plan has been developed around the concept of “signature programs”, areas central to veterinary medicine and biomedical research wherein we plan to build the nation’s number one programs. College-wide signature programs include the professional DVM program itself, the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, and the Biomedical Sciences undergraduate program. The six fields identified by the faculty for signature program status – fields identified as exceptionally productive programs – include: infectious diseases and homeland security, genomics, toxicology and environmental medicine, cardiovascular sciences, neurosciences, and reproductive biology. Executive leadership in veterinary medicine is yet another signature program being developed in the college. College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Research Plan

» Biomedical Genomics

» Cardiovascular Sciences/DeBakey Institute

» Infectious Diseases and Biodefense

» Neuroscience

» Reproductive Biology

» Toxicology, Oncology, and Environmental Health Sciences

» Veterinary Clinical Research