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Ivan Ivanov

Clinical Associate Professor


Phone: (979) 739-4328

Mailstop: 4466

Department: VTPP

Photo of Ivanov, Ivan


  • Ph.D. Mathematics, University of South Florida 1999
  • M.S. Mathematics, Sofia University, Bulgaria 1987

Scholarly Interests

Computational predictive modeling of complex systems, e.g. gene regulatory networks, for the purposes of intervention and control. Omics-data processing and integration. Genomic Signal Processing. Bioinformatics.


MCMC implementation of the optimal Bayesian classifier for non-Gaussian models: model-based RNA-Seq classification
Knight, Jason M, Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
BMC bioinformatics. 2014 15(1):401.
Genome-wide analysis of the rat colon reveals proximal-distal differences in histone modifications and proto-oncogene expression
Triff, Karen, Konganti, Kranti, Gaddis, Sally, Zhou, Beiyan, Ivanov, Ivan, Chapkin, Robert S
Physiological genomics. 2013 45(24):1229-1243.
A framework for grouping nanoparticles based on their measurable characteristics
Sayes, Christie M, Smith, P Alex, Ivanov, Ivan V
International journal of nanomedicine. 2013 8(Suppl 1):45.
Modeling the next generation sequencing sample processing pipeline for the purposes of classification
Ghaffari, Noushin, Yousefi, Mohammadmahdi R, Johnson, Charles D, Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
BMC bioinformatics. 2013 14(1):1.
A metagenomic study of diet-dependent interaction between gut microbiota and host in infants reveals differences in immune response
Schwartz, S., Friedberg, I., I.V., Ivanov, Davidson, L.A., Goldsby, J.S., Dahl, D.B., Herman, D., Wang, M., Donovan, S.M., Chapkin, R.S.
Genome Biology. 2012 13(4).
The PSA(-/lo) prostate cancer cell population harbors self-renewing long-term tumor-propagating cells that resist castration
Qin, J., Liu, X., Laffin, B., Chen, X., Choy, G., Jeter, C.R., Calhoun-Davis, T., Li, H., Palapattu, G.S., Pang, S.
Cell Stem Cell. 2012 10(5):556-569.
Feature selection for high-dimensional integrated data
Zheng, C., Schwartz, S., Chapkin, R.S., Carroll, R.J., Ivanov, I.
2012 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 2012). 2012
Identifying mechanistic similarities in drug responses
Zhao, Chen, Hua, Jianping, Bittner, Michael L, Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
Bioinformatics. 2012 28(14):1902-1910.
Pathway regulatory analysis in the context of Bayesian networks using the coefficient of determination
Zhao, Chen, Ivanov, Ivan, Bittner, Michael L, Dougherty, Edward R
Journal of Biological Systems. 2011 19(04):651-682.
State reduction for network intervention in probabilistic Boolean networks
Qian, Xiaoning, Ghaffari, Noushin, Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
Bioinformatics. 2010 26(24):3098-3104.
Selection policy-induced reduction mappings for Boolean networks
Ivanov, Ivan, Simeonov, Plamen, Ghaffari, Noushin, Qian, Xiaoning, Dougherty, Edward R
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 2010 58(9):4871-4882.
Inference of Boolean Networks under Constraint on Bidirectional Gene Relationships
Vahedi, G, Ivanov, I, Dougherty, E.R.
IET Systems Biology Journal. 2009 3(3):191-202.
Boolean models of genomic regulatory networks: reduction mappings, inference, and external control
Ivanov, Ivan
Current genomics. 2009 10(6):375-387.
Dynamics preserving size reduction mappings for probabilistic Boolean networks
Ivanov, Ivan, Pal, Ranadip, Dougherty, Edward R
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 2007 55(5):2310-2322.
Modeling genetic regulatory networks: continuous or discrete?
Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
Journal of Biological Systems. 2006 14(02):219-229.
Generating Boolean networks with a prescribed attractor structure
Pal, Ranadip, Ivanov, Ivan, Datta, Aniruddha, Bittner, Michael L, Dougherty, Edward R
Bioinformatics. 2005 21(21):4021-4025.
Reduction mappings between probabilistic Boolean networks
Ivanov, Ivan, Dougherty, Edward R
EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing. 2004 2004:125-131.
Linear discrete operators on the disk algebra
Ivanov, Ivan, Shekhtman, Boris
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 2001 129(7):1987-1993.

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