Animal Behavior (SCAVSAB)

Texas A&M Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior


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Welcome to the Behavior Club homepage! Our organization strives to facilitate understanding of applied animal behavior through collaborative efforts that foster compassionate and respectful interactions with animals among Texas A&M University veterinary students and faculty. The SCAVSAB provides opportunities for students interested in small animal, large animal, and exotic medicine. Our main objective is to provide veterinary students with knowledge on animal behavior in an effort to provide their future patients with the best experience possible.

Understanding animal behavior is paramount to being a successful veterinarian, pet owner, and animal welfare advocate. Regrettably, it is often one of the least understood aspects of veterinary medicine. Through education and awareness, our organization hopes to improve the understanding of animal behavior for everyone!

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Fall 2019 meeting schedule:

  • 10/9 @ 12pm: Competition Horses (joint meeting with Equine Practitioners)
  • 11/5 @ 12pm: How Nutrition Affects Behavior (sponsored by Purina)
  • 11/13 @ 12pm: Managing Separation Anxiety

2019 Wetlabs (dates tentative):

  • Fall: Dog Behavior and Handling
  • Spring: Horse Behavior and Handling