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What IS veterinary emergency & critical care?

Emergency & critical care veterinarians, technicians and staff basically work with all of the cases that are considered too complicated or extreme for standard private practices: snakebites, chemical burns, toxin ingestions, seizures, and more.

Emergency veterinarians usually work at either specialty clinics (like 24 hour/7 day per week veterinary ERs and ICUs) or do relief work at veterinary private practices on nights/weekends.  They specialize in handling the cases that standard veterinary private practices either don’t have the time or resources to take care of.

So, what can I get out of joining SVECCS?

We here at SVECCS try to give members a glimpse into what “a day in the life” of emergency & critical care medicine is all about.  Even people who don’t specifically want to be emergency veterinarians say that SVECCS is helpful… because you never know when an emergency case could walk in to your private practice.  It’s helpful to know how to stabilize emergencies (so that they can be sent elsewhere) or even treat them yourself!

Every SVECCS meeting has a speaker that is an emergency veterinarian, speaking on an emergency medicine-related topic.  In addition, we have:

  • SVECCS Rounds (once a month) — We have rounds over lunch break with one of Texas A&M’s emergency vets, to discuss recent emergency cases brought to A&M.
  • SVECCS Wetlabs (1 per semester) — We get to practice tracheostomies, abdominocentesis, interosseous catheters, nasogastric tube placement, and many other procedures on dog and cat cadavers in the junior surgery lab.

Emergency and Critical Care Opportunities:

  • GET CORE COMMPENTENCIES: SVECCS ICU/Triage Shadow Program— SVECCS members get to sign up to shadow emergency vets, techs, and 4VM A&M vet students in the Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic’s ICU and Triage Wards.
  • First Aid Seminar & CE Conferences — SVECCS members help put on local events such as the First Aid Seminar (once per year, open to the public) and to volunteer at emergency & critical care continuing education conferences throughout the year.

How do I join?

Come to one of our meetings!  —>  See our meeting calendar HERE.


Contact one of our officers! —> See our officer contact info HERE.



Also contact us if you are interested in one of our great T-shirts.

You know you want one!