Schubot Center for Avian Health Logo featuring a crane, a parrot and a parakeet

Schubot Center—a new name and logo!

Our center is now officially called the ‘Schubot Center for Avian Health’ (updated from the ‘Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center’). We are excited for the center name to reflect our broad, inclusive, and expanding work to study birds, ranging from caged birds to wild populations, conservation, genetics, health, and more. Our logo features a few […]

Research Grants and Travel Grants

Schubot Center is excited to announce two new funding programs! DEADLINE IS NOV. 26, 2019. 1. Avian Research Mini Grant (up to $2,500 each). The intended objective of these awards is to facilitate data collection by members of the Schubot Center to advance avian research, with an emphasis on aspects of avian health and/or conservation. […]

A pet bird with enrichment items in its cage

Turner ‘Pet Talks’ Bird Enrichment

Schubot Aviary Manager and Senior Research Associate Debra Turner was interviewed for a CVM ‘Pet Talk’ article on enrichment for birds:

Red-crowned Amazon (Amazona viridigenalis) Parrot

Webinar: Red-crowned Parrot in Southern Texas

On Fri., Aug. 9, 2019, at 11:00 am, Dr. Donald Brightsmith and Simon Kiacz, from Texas A&M University in College Station, broadcasted a 30-minute webinar on their findings for a three-year study funded by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department: “The Red-crowned Parrot (Amazona viridigenalis) in Southern Texas: Determining Status, Assessing Risks and Building Collaborations.” […]

Dr. Eleanor Green, Debra Turner, Dr. Sarah Hamer

Turner Receives Staff Award

Debra Turner, Senior Research Associate & Aviary Manager, was selected as 2019 CVM Staff Award Recipient!  

Wild Bird Mist Netting and Bird Banding Outreach

Outreach Events: Wild Bird Mist Netting/Bird Banding

A Wild Bird Mist Netting / Bird Banding outreach event was held on Wed., July 17, 2019. Each semester, students affiliated with Schubot invite community members to learn about wild bird research.  

Dr. Janice Boyd and her African gray parrot, Paula

Dr. Boyd Establishes Psittacine Endowment

By naming the Texas A&M Foundation as beneficiary of her retirement and investment accounts, she will establish the Dr. Janice D. Boyd ’86 Endowment for Psittacine Conservation and Health to benefit the Schubot Center in perpetuity. Read the article.  

Dr. Sarah Hamer, Paula Escandon, Dr. Ian Tizard

Inaugural Schubot Director’s Awards Presented

PhD student Paulina Escandon and recent graduate Dr. Jeann Leal were selected as recipients of the inaugural Schubot Director’s Award to recognize the contributions of trainees to advancing bird health research. The Schubot Avian Health Director’s Award was established in 2019 in honor of Dr. Ian Tizard (Schubot Director from 1999–2017), for an undergrad, graduate, or […]

DeBrock works with kids at Schubot Open House Booth

Schubot Center at 2019 CVM Open House

The Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center was represented at the 2019 CVM Open House.  PhD student Spencer DeBrock taught kids about wild birds and bird banding. Each child selected a colored bird band and made a bracelet!