Schubot members celebrate successful doctoral and proposal defenses

Over the past few months one of our Schubot members, Dr. Simon Kiascz, successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, while another member, Dr. Meredith Anderson, successfully defended her research proposal.

On September 5th, Meredith Anderson DVM, Dr. Sarah Hamer’s student, defended her research proposal titled “Neonicotinoids in Wild Bird Communities: Seasonality, Migratory Strategy and Implications for Zoonotic Pathogens Spread.” The proposal defense is an important milestone within the doctoral degree programs like Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and we congratulate Dr. Anderson on this achievement as she continues on in her research and degree program. Dr. Anderson’s research has been featured in the “Texas A&M Today Series.”

On October 12th, Simon Kiacz, Dr. Don Brightsmith, defended his research titled “Status, Distribution, and Population Modeling of Red-crowned Parrots and Conservation Opportunities of Naturalized Parrots.” Dr. Kiacz’s research has contributed greatly to our understanding of the growing population of wild parrots in Texas. His research was recently featured on the Research @ Texas A&M website, in the Texas A&M TODAY Newsletter, and in prominent magazines like and

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Anderson and Dr. Kiacz on this significant milestone and wishing them the best for their future projects.