Texas A&M Kingsville participates in “Wet Lab” hosted by the Schubot Aviary

On July 01, the Schubot Center for Avian Health hosted a “Wet Lab” event in conjunction with the Veterinary Technology at Texas A&M Univestity- Kingsville.

“Wet Labs” stands as an exceptional platform, offering vet students an invaluable chance to delve into unconventional scenarios within the field. From working with exotic animals to delving into the realms of veterinary research or venturing into the great outdoors as practicing veterinarians, the possibilities are boundless.

This year’s “Wet Lab” was led by Dr. Sharman Hoppes, a distinguished member of the Schubot Center, along with the invaluable support of Christine Hoskinson, Assistant Director of Veterinary Technology at Texas A&M University – Kingsville. The event also received assistance from Dr. Caitlin Mencio and Carlos Davila, both active members of the Schubot team. In total, 16 veterinary technician students from A&M Kingsville participated in the event with great enthusiasm.

Each student had the chance of mastering bird handling, conduct thorough physical examinations, hone venipuncture skills, administer injections, and expertly deliver subcutaneous fluids. It was definitely and extraordinary experience for each one of them.

The Schubot Center for Avian Health played a pivotal role in making this event a success. Providing not just avian specimens but also a conducive location for these laboratories and other training events throughout the year.

We express our deep gratitude to Dr. Hoppes, Dr. Mencio and Carlos Davila for their organization and dedicated efforts in curating such an awe-inspiring experience.