Welcome to Dr. Caitlin Mencio, the newest member of Schubot’s Avian bornavirus (ABV) research team

Dr. Caitlin Mencio

The Schubot Center is glad to introduce Dr. Caitlin Mencio who has joined our research team as an Assistant Research Scientist thanks to the generosity of the Pat Palmer Foundation and the support of the Schubot Endowment.

Dr. Mencio has vast experience in neurological research, joining us from the National Institutes of Health. She holds a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Texas Christian University and a Ph.D. degree also in neuroscience from the University of Utah. Her previous research includes understanding the role of proteoglycans in Zebra Finch song, the impacts of proteoglycans in neural repair, and their importance to cellular cytoskeleton organization.

As part of the Schubot Avian Borna Virus (ABV) research team, her research will be focused on virus transmission, disease diagnosis, and vaccine development.  She is particularly interested in the molecular basis for ABV infection and the progression from infection to clinical symptoms of PDD.

Severe PDD lesions in the ventriculus of experimentally infected cockatiels. Research by Schubot ABV research team in 2010. (Picture Courtesy of H.L. Shivaprasad.) 10.1016/j.cvex.2010.05.014

Since her arrival in January, Dr. Mencio has already done a great job revitalizing the ABV program and is making headway on a broad array of ABV-related topics. Over the coming years, we are sure that with Dr. Mencio’s help, we will greatly increase our knowledge of ABV and hopefully lead to new ways to diagnose, treat and defeat this terrible disease.

Welcome, Dr. Mencio to the Schubot team!