The Macaw Society is an international research group collaborating with many local and international scientists and organizations.

Our partherships and alliances

WCS – Guatemala

WCS – Guatemala

Since 2008, researchers from the Macaw Society have worked with members of WCS Guatemala, collaborating on publications and sharing research techniques and expertise.
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Dr.Christopher Vaughan, Punta Leona Hotel & Macaws from Costa Rica

Since 2018, The Macaw Society has been working together with Dr. Vaughan to share ideas and techniques to help improve macaw research and conservation efforts. In 2021, The Macaw Society established a conservation and research parthnership with Punta Leona Hotel, Dr. Vaughan field site for the last 25 years, to continue and expand on the important work of preserving and protecting wild…
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IBERA Project – Green-winged Macaw Conservation


Tambopata National Reserve – RNTAMB

Wildlife Messengers