Reports, Theses, & Conference Papers

Title Published Author(s) Journal Size
(missing) The Tambopata Macaw Project 2014 2014 Donald J. Brightsmith, Gabriela Vigo, Annie Hawkinson, George Olah Project Progress Report 338.24 KB
The Tambopata Macaw Project 2012 2012 Donald J. Brightsmith, Janice Boyd, Gabriela Vigo, George Olah Project Progress Report 377 KB
The Tambopata Macaw Project 2011 2011 Donald J. Brightsmith, Gaby Vigo, Janice Boyd Project Progress Report 454.74 KB
Parrot Claylicks: Distribution, Patterns of Use and Ecological Correlates from a Parrot Assemblage in Southeastern Peru 2010 Alan Lee PhD Thesis in Environmental and Geographical Sciences 3.32 MB
The Tambopata Macaw Project 2010 – A year of growth, success and surprises 2010 Donald J. Brightsmith and the members of the Tambopata Macaw Project Project Progress Report 274.2 KB
The Case for Bio-centric Development: An Ethnographic Study of the Tambopata Macaw Project, Ecotourism & Volunteer Tourism in the Peruvian Amazon 2009 Elisabeth Gish M.Sc. Thesis in International Development Studies 2.68 MB
Spatial distribution and physical characteristics of clay licks in Madre de Dios, Peru 2009 Brightsmith, D.J., Vigo, G., and Valdés-Velásquez, A. Final report to the Amazon Conservation Association 1.85 MB
Parrot ecology in a modified landscape, Tambopata, Peru 2009 Peter Cowen M.Sc. Thesis in Conservation Biology 473.15 KB
(missing) Icons of the Amazon: jaguars, pumas, parrots and peccaries in Peru 2009 Alan Lee Report for the Biosphere Expeditions 3.6 MB
Earthwatch 2008 Field season report on the work achieved with Earthwatch volunteers and funding 2008 Alan Lee and Donald Brightsmith Earthwatch Institute annual field report 248.5 KB
Claylicks in Peru: The importance of bird and mammal claylicks in the Madre de Dios region, Peru for the tourism industry of Rainforest Expeditions 2008 Maaike Rensing and Susan Zwerver Research report describing methods and results of the traineeship for Animal Management for the Van Hall Larenstein 2.09 MB
Activity, behaviour and interactions of parrot species at a Peruvian clay lick 2008 Elisabeth Mary Shaw M.Sc. Thesis in Animal Behaviour 958 KB
The influences of Amazonian landscape heterogeneity on the distribution of a terrestrial mammal assemblage at Las Piedras Biodiversity Station, Southeast Peru 2008 J. McCauley B.Sc. Thesis in Geography 564 KB
The influence of clay lick proximity on parrot flight dynamics in South-eastern Peru 2007 Steven Ward M.Sc. Thesis in Conservation Biology 502 KB
Factors affecting flight ecology of macaws, parrots and parakeets on the La Torre colpa, Rio Tambopata, Peru 2007 Dafydd Crabtree B.Sc. Thesis in Ecology and Conservation 492 KB
Termitaria – availability of nesting sites for cavity nesting bird species 2007 Joe Booth B.Sc. Thesis 762.5 KB
The relationship between the presence of a clay lick and the flight direction of Psittaciformes in Tambopata, Peru 2007 Peter Cowen B.Sc. Thesis in Physical Geography 2.15 MB
An investigation into the effects of tourist related disturbances on parrot abundance and behaviour at a Peruvian geophagy site 2007 Stewart Lovesy B.Sc. Thesis in Physical Geography 2.98 MB
The effect of ecotourism on Macaws at clay licks 2007 Julie Shapiro Final report for Center for the Environment Fund for Undergraduate Research 50.5 KB
The Psittacine Year: What drives annual cycles in Tambopata’s parrots? 2006 Donald J. Brightsmith VI International Parrot Convention, Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain 205.72 KB
Natural history and conservation of Blue-and-gold Macaws in Peru 2006 Donald J. Brightsmith Proceedings of the American Federation of Aviculture 2006 Convention 53.1 KB
Contact calls in Psittacinae – What is their function in anti-predation? 2006 Merel Breedveld M.Sc. Thesis 790.5 KB
Palms at Inotawa 2006 Rebecca Harris B.Sc. Thesis 3.15 MB
Effects of diet, migration, and breeding on clay lick use by parrots in Southeastern Peru 2004 Donald J. Brightsmith Proceedings of the American Federation of Aviculture 2004 Symposium 53.26 KB