Gabriela Vigo-Trauco, PhD | Co-Director


She started working with wild parrots in 2003 in Tambopata, Peru. Her expertise is in parrot nesting ecology and behavior. Her main investigations are related to the growth and development of macaw chicks in the wild, the breeding behavior of wild macaws, and management techniques to increase reproductive rates in the wild. Another substantial part of her research is the use of video cameras inside macaw nests. With this investigation, she is documenting and researching the chick starvation phenomenon and disputes for the use of nests. She also studies macaw parental care, and macaw nesting behavior to determine family relations and the use of wild macaws as foster parents and its implications for the conservation of the species.

In 2019, she founded The Macaw Society with Dr. Don Brightsmith with the goal of continuing their scientific research in wild parrots and macaw but with a focus shifted to more direct conservation topics and advising local conservation action plans.

Now, she serves as a psittacine scientific consultant for the governments of Peru and Costa Rica and a co-director for the macaw sub-group for the Parrot Specialist Group. She also collaborates with parrot conservations groups from Mexico, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil.