Congrats on your Oath Ceremony!

We want to congratulate all the Verocai Lab members who participated in the VMBS TAMU Graduate Student Oath Ceremony! In addition, we welcome all the new TAMU graduate students that were honored at this fun event and wish them well on their new scientific journey.

Welcome Tati Harvey!

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new postdoctoral researcher Tatiani Harvey! Tati has an amazing background and will be a welcomed addition to the Verocai Lab. Read more about Tati below:

“I was a consultant for the Zoonoses Surveillance Unit in the city of Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil, and was a columnist for a local newspaper on public health issues. In my PhD, I worked with enteric parasitic infections of dogs and humans, focusing especially on Giardia and Cryprosporidium. Currently, I am a active member of the Association for Institutional Research.

I have a passion for parasitology, especially its connection to public health, which implies zoonotic diseases. For me, diseases need to be investigated with an ecocentric rather than an anthropocentric perspective.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family. Among my hobbies I mainly include reading, watching documentaries about history, listening music, and the search for updates on what is happening in the political world of my country of origin.”

New Sept/Oct Papers!

New school year, but same old production in the Verocai Lab! Check out the most recent fruits of our labor:

Retrospective study of canine endoparasites diagnosed by fecal flotation methods analyzed across veterinary parasitology diagnostic laboratories, United States, 2018

Presence of a cryptic Onchocerca species in black flies of northern California, USA

Lungworms in ruminants from Brazil: A retrospective epidemiological study over four decades

Welcome Neha Tyagi

The Verocai Lab would like to welcome new Research Associate Neha Tyagi! We are very excited to have such a dedicated and hard-working member join the lab.