Biosafety Facilities

The Veterinary Medical Park (VMP) currently has 9 biosafety buildings approved for work involving biosafety level 2. In the past year, due to enhanced vigilance by the Office of Biosafety regarding where investigators can perform this type of work, these buildings are in increasing demand.

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our customers in a fair manner, the VMP is instituting a more structured reservation system.

  1. A reservation request (BSL-2 Housing Form) MUST be filled out and sent to our office either by e-mail ( or or inter-campus mail. We will no longer take phone call requests or verbal requests. This will ensure that we and the investigator both know what the investigators needs are and that the needs are appropriately documented.
    1. Reservation forms can be accessed through the the link above or under the ‘Forms’ section on the right of this page.
    2. To send a form by e-mail to or, please call the Veterinary Medical Park at 979-845-5620.
  2. When filling out a reservation request form, the investigator must provide the following:
    1. Approved AUP
    2. Approved IBC permit (procedures and forms can be found at
    3. Requested starting date

Note: Without these three items, we will not accept a reservation request.

When these items are received by our office, we will place the reservation request in the queue. When the next available building(s) come open, we will contact the responsible person listed on the request form and arrange an occupancy date. If the investigator cannot utilize the building at that time, we will go to the next reservation on the list.

Our goal at the VMP is to provide the best facilities and support so you can carry out your research. If you have any questions regarding reservations, please contact VMP at 979-845-5620.