Movement of Animals

Whenever movement of an animal occurs, either to a new pen or off of VMP, it must be coordinated and approved by VMP. If the animals are to be taken to any facility not on the park, VMP staff must be notified and an animal departure form filled out and returned to Room 104 in Building 1192 on Vet Med Park. If the animal is deceased, a disposal tag must be filled out and arrangements made to take the animal to Necropsy. Charges for hauling services are listed below.

Hauling Fees for Live Animals

  • Locally (within Bryan /College Station)- $38.00
  • Outside of Bryan/ College Station- $38.00 + actual gas

Hauling Fees for Carcasses (to Necropsy for Disposal)

  • Non-Biosafety – $30.00
  • Biosafety (using hopper) – $72.00

VMP must know where all animals are at all times to avoid disease transmission, for proper cost accounting, and for improved security.