Policies and Procedures

The Veterinary Medical Park (VMP) was reorganized centrally. VMP administers support services for all animal research and teaching programs in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). The management and Staff of the VMP cooperate closely with the Director of CMP. The VMP is available for all Faculty who wish to use its services. Priority will be given to the CVM.

Facilities Available for Investigator Use

Surgical Suites

The VMP maintains two large animal surgical suites with adjoining surgical prep areas and post operative recovery areas. The suites are equipped with surgical lights, large and small surgical tables, large and small isoflurane anesthetic equipment, patient monitoring equipment, electrocautery, and suction apparatus. An autoclave, surgical instruments, laundry and specimen manipulation laboratory are also available for use.

The area is accessible to all qualified investigators who have an approved surgical protocol on file. There is no charge to CVM investigators for use of the area, but it must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. Investigators can either supply their own consumable supplies or the VMP will supply them at cost. Technical support and suite clean up is available on a fee basis.

Procurement of Animals

An approved Animal Use Protocol must be on file in the VMP prior to animals being obtained. The VMP staff will assist in obtaining animals if so desired. Arrangements for housing must be made prior to ordering as space is available on a first come first served basis and not always available immediately. An animal housing form must be completed and hand delivered to VMP or e-mailed to DTaylor@cvm.tamu.edu or MALeath@cvm.tamu.edu.


The VMP will receive animals from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday and by special arrangement at other times. All incoming animals must be processed through the VMP office on arrival and undergo identification, quarantine and conditioning as specified in the Park Health Maintenance Program.


Animals are available from private breeders, auction barns and other investigators in the Texas A&M System. Since the health of these animals is not always known, please check with VMP prior to obtaining animals and bringing them on the park. VMP will assist in obtaining good sources of animals.

Technical Assistance

VMP technicians will collect blood samples for investigators by prior arrangement. VMP personnel will “pen” animals and perform other animal handling procedures for the investigator. Arrangements for such assistance should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance with the Animal Care Supervisor. Technical assistance for surgery and anesthesia is also available and must be arranged 48 hours prior to the time of surgery. Every effort is made to accommodate all requests.

VMP Billing Procedures

Investigators are billed for animal housing, supplies, and services on a monthly basis. Charges are accrued on a “per animal per day” basis. The charges for animal maintenance recover only those costs directly related to the care of the animals. For information regarding charges please contact VMP at 845-5620.