Surgery Suites

Surgery Suite

The VMP maintains two large animal surgical suites with adjoining surgical prep areas and post operative recovery areas. The suites are equipped with surgical lights, large and small surgical tables, large and small isoflurane anesthetic equipment, patient monitoring equipment, electrocautery, and suction apparatus. An autoclave, surgical instruments, laundry and specimen manipulation laboratory are also available for use.

The area is accessible to all qualified investigators who have an approved surgical protocol on file. There is a reasonable fee for CVM investigators for use of the area, but it must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. Investigators can either supply their own consumable supplies or the VMP will supply them at cost. Technical support and suite clean up is available on a fee basis.

In order to reserve a surgical suite, a surgery suite reservation form should be completed and e-mailed to or or hand delivered to the VMP surgery technician with your requested dates. He/She will schedule the date on her calendar and confirm the date for you. Utilizing e-mail is best , in order to have the confirmation e-mail from our surgery technician that you can keep for your records.

Please be aware that your date is not reserved until it is on the surgery technician’s calendar therefore it is important that he/she be the one you talk with concerning these suites. In order to reach our surgery technician, you can call the VMP at 845-6486 or e-mail or