Veterinary Care

Preventative medicine at VMP is the foundation of health maintenance in our animal herds. Procedural details will vary according to species and individual research protocols. VMP prefers that animals with known health histories are obtained. When this is not possible, then strict isolation and quarantine procedures are followed for all species to prevent spread of disease agents that may be introduced. Prophylactic immunizations are administered where appropriate.

VMP technicians report directly to the VMP Director regarding animal health matters. The Director provides for appropriate treatment or action based on the nature of the disease, the animal’s role in the research or teaching project and the potential risk to other animals. Each case is evaluated individually and the method of management is tailored to minimize discomfort and risk to other animals while maximizing the animal’s contribution to the project. Investigative personnel are involved in all cases.

Emergency veterinary care is provided though the Department of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery which is available on a 24 hour basis.