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This is an active list of questions we commonly encounter about our VirtualVet program and the VetNOW platform, answered by our team members.

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+ 1. How do I register a new pet?

From the left toolbar, click on the header My Pets. When you see the list of your pets on the main screen, go to the top right and click ADD PET. Enter all required fields marked by and asterisk. Be sure to add your pet’s profile picture in Choose Profile Image.

+ 2. How do I upload pictures and videos of my pet for my veterinarian to view?

From the left-hand toolbar select My Pets click on the Docs icon, look to the right for ADD Documents, click choose file and select your picture or video from your desktop. Click Submit.

+ 3. How do I schedule an appointment?

Click the Appointments heading, scroll down to where it says Create New. Follow the prompts as listed. Click Check Provider’s Availability for available appointment slots. Highlight your preferred time, scroll down to Book Appointment to confirm your selection.

+ 4. How do I see prices?

From your Dashboard find your upcoming appointment at the top of your screen. On your appointments line look for a button that says PAYMENT. This is how you view the cost of the appointment and how you pay for the visit before the appointment can reserved.

+ 5. What do I do if my password is not working or I can’t login?

Go to and from your sign-in screen, look beneath the password box for Forgot Password? Click this link to reset your password using your login email address.

+ 6. Where do we start appointments?

From your Dashboard, identify your upcoming appointment. If you have not yet paid, please locate the PAYMENT button to pay for the upcoming appointment. If you have not yet paid, you cannot enter the appointment. Next, click on ENTER WAITING ROOM. You can enter the waiting room up to 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. Your veterinarian will then need start the appointment from his/her screen. When you see the icon bar show up, be sure to click on the blue play button to start your appointment.

+ 7. My appointment will not let me in, why?

Please check the following:

  1. Is your camera turned on?
  2. Is your camera in use in another program? If so, you must turn off your camera in all other programs for it to be used by your virtual appointment.
  3. Have you entered payment? If not, locate the PAYMENT button on your Upcoming Appointment.
  4. Are you 10+ minutes late for your scheduled appointment?
  5. Do you have your profile’s time zone correctly entered?
  6. Are you using Google Chrome? If not, please download Google Chrome (PC or Mac) and try again.
+ 8. What browser do I need to use?

For best performance, we recommend Google Chrome (version 80 or higher).

+ 9. Is there an app?

Yes, the VetNOW app is available on the Apple App Store. Search for ‘VetNOW’.

+ 10. Is there an Android app?

For Android, we recommend that you use Google Chrome to access VetNOW. A dedicated Android app should be ready soon.

+ 11. Can I use the Google Chrome app instead of browser?

Google Browser app is recommended for Android-based smartphones, tablets, and laptops. For Apple iPhone/iPad, we recommend that you use VetNOW app from the Apple App Store.

+ 12. How do I see available times for appointments?

From your left toolbar, click the Appointments heading, scroll down to where it says Create New. Follow the prompts as listed. Click Check Provider’s Availability for available appointment slots.

+ 13. My mic is not detected. What do I do?

Use your sound settings program on your device/workstation to confirm that your microphone is available and is not muted.

+ 14. I can’t get my video to work.

Please check the following:

  1. Camera is not connected
  2. Camera is not supported
  3. Camera cover is closed
  4. Camera privacy setting is not authorized for web browser
  5. Camera is being used by another application (ex. Zoom)
+ 15. What phone number can I call for support?
  1. You can reach VetNOW support via email at
  2. You can reach the Texas A&M VMTH's VirtualVet program support at or 979.845.2351.
+ 16. Where do I see information about previous meetings?

From your left tool bar, click on Appointments, scroll down to Past Appointments. Locate which appointment you are wanting to review. Look to the right side of the screen and identify the column for Action and click on the eye icon to view Meeting Details.

+ 17. My doctor missed the appointment. What now?

Call our office at 979.845.2351.

+ 18. I missed the appointment. What Now?

Call our office at 979.845.2351.

+ 19. How does payment work?

Payment by way of credit card is necessary before a scheduled appointment can begin. Click on the PAYMENT button on your scheduled appointment to enter your credit card payment.

+ 20. How do I enter the waiting room?

After you have successfully paid for your upcoming appointment, a new button will appear on your appointment line that says ENTER WAITING ROOM 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Click on this button to enter into the virtual waiting room.

+ 21. Are there plans for other browsers to be supported?

Yes, the VetNOW team is constantly working on making the application work in other browsers.  Watch for updates on our website.

+ 22. How do I get my clinic code?

You can find it at the top of this page:

+ 23. How do I double check my log-in information?

We recommend that you visit VetNOW to login and confirm your information under your profile.

+ 24. Can I schedule my appointment or does a doctor have to?

This depends on your veterinary clinic. Please check with your veterinarian.

+ 25. Will the doctor be notified that I scheduled an appointment?


+ 26. Do I have to put a profile image for my pet?

You can upload a saved picture of your pet, or click on START CAMERA within your pet’s profile to take a picture of your pet.

+ 27. I can’t access the webpage, what’s wrong?
  1. Confirm you have access to the internet.
  2. Visit for maintenance messages.
+ 28. Will my appointment be recorded?


+ 29. Will I have access to notes about my virtual visit?

Yes, you will have access to a Visit Summary that you may keep in your pet’s records.