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Beth Boudreau

Assistant Professor


Phone: (979) 845-2351

Mailstop: 4474

Department: VSCS

Photo of Boudreau, Beth


  • D.V.M., Texas A&M University 2010
  • PhD Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine 2001


  • Diplomate, ACVIM (Neurology)
  • Texas Veterinary Medical License: 13530

Scholarly Interests

Neuro-oncology, neuro-immunology, imaging correlates of clinical neurological disease


An Update on Cerebrovascular Disease in Dogs and Cats.
Christen Elizabeth Boudreau
The Veterinary clinics of North America. Small animal practice. 2017
Imaging findings at 3T and clinical outcome in deep-pain negative dogs with intervertebral disc herniation
Otamendi AJ, Boudreau B, Gilmour L, Griffin J, Levine J, Jeffery N.
JVIM - ACVIM Forum Research Abstracts. 2017
Putative Cerebral Microbleeds in Dogs Undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Head: A Retrospective Study of Demographics, Clinical Associations, and Relationship to Case Outcome.
S C Kerwin, J M Levine, C M Budke, J F Griffin, C E Boudreau
Journal of veterinary internal medicine. 2017 31(4):1140-1148.
Early Blockade of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Spinal-Cord-Injured Dogs Results in a Long-Term Increase in Bladder Compliance.
Jonathan M Levine, Noah D Cohen, Thomas M Fandel, Gwendolyn J Levine, Joseph Mankin, John F Griffin, Sharon C Kerwin, C Elizabeth Boudreau, Alpa Trivedi, Linda J Noble-Haeusslein
Journal of neurotrauma. 2017 34(18):2656-2667.
Calcinosis circumscripta associated with osseous cranial thoracic stenotic myelopathy in a dog.
W Hinson, C E Boudreau, J F Griffin, J Mansell, R R Pool
The Journal of small animal practice. 2016
Multi-Center Retrospective Evaluation of Screw and Polymethylmethacrylate Constructs for Atlantoaxial Fixation in Dogs.
Megan W Stout Steele, Amy W Hodshon, Andrew L Hopkins, Gaemia M Tracy, Noah D Cohen, Sharon C Kerwin, C Elizabeth Boudreau, William B Thomas, Joseph M Mankin, Jonathan M Levine
Veterinary surgery : VS. 2016
Creation of an NCI comparative brain tumor consortium: informing the translation of new knowledge from canine to human brain tumor patients.
Amy K LeBlanc, Christina Mazcko, Diane E Brown, Jennifer W Koehler, Andrew D Miller, C Ryan Miller, R Timothy Bentley, Rebecca A Packer, Matthew Breen, C Elizabeth Boudreau, Jonathan M Levine, R Mark Simpson, Charles Halsey, William Kisseberth, John H Rossmeisl, Peter J Dickinson, Timothy M Fan, Kara Corps, Kenneth Aldape, Vinay Puduvalli, G Elizabeth Pluhar, Mark R Gilbert
Neuro-oncology. 2016
Cerebral Microbleeds in Dogs: A Retrospective Study of Demographics, Clinical Associations and Patient Outcome
Kerwin S, Levine JM, Budke CM, Griffin JF 4th, Boudreau CE
JVIM - ACVIM Forum Research Reports Program. 2016
Arachidonic acid pathway alterations in cerebrospinal fluid of dogs with naturally occurring spinal cord injury.
Rae L Russell, Jonathan M Levine, Nick D Jeffery, Colin Young, Armando Mondragon, Bryan Lee, C Elizabeth Boudreau, C Jane Welsh, Gwendolyn J Levine
BMC neuroscience. 2016
Neurological examination for the localization of vestibular dysfunction in 185 dogs (2011-2015)
Boudreau CE, Dominguez CE, Levine JM, Mankin J, Anderson KM, Voges AK, Fosgate GT
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 2016
Loss of balance in a geriatric dog: a diagnostic dilemma
Boudreau, C. E.
Clinician's Brief. 2015
Acute Phase Proteins in Cerebrospinal Fluid from Dogs with Naturally-Occurring Spinal Cord Injury
Anderson KM, Welsh CJ, Young C, Levine GJ, Kerwin SC, Boudreau CE, Reyes I, Mondragon A, Griffin JF 4th, Cohen ND, Levine JM
Journal of Neurotrauma. 2015
Evaluation of systemic microRNA administration for immunomodulation in the treatment of canine glioma
Boudreau CE, Naghi Y, Chivakula P, Ling X, Porter B, Levine G, Heimberger AB, Levine JM
JVIM - ACVIM Forum Research Reports Program. 2015
Molecular signalling pathways in canine gliomas
Boudreau CE, York D, Higgins RJ, LeCouteur RA, Dickinson PJ
Veterinary Comparative Oncology. 2015
Multicenter case-control study of signalment, diagnostic features, and outcome associated with cervical vertebral malformation-malarticulation in horses.
Jonathan M Levine, Peter V Scrivani, Thomas J Divers, Martin Furr, I Joe Mayhew, Stephen Reed, Gwendolyn J Levine, Jonathan H Foreman, Christen Boudreau, Brent C Credille, Brett Tennent-Brown, Noah D Cohen
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 2010 237(7):812-22.
Effects of task difficulty and target likelihood in area V4 of macaque monkeys.
C Elizabeth Boudreau, Tori H Williford, John H R Maunsell
Journal of neurophysiology. 2006 96(5):2377-87.
Short-term depression in thalamocortical synapses of cat primary visual cortex.
C Elizabeth Boudreau, David Ferster
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 2005 25(31):7179-90.
Visual response latencies of magnocellular and parvocellular LGN neurons in macaque monkeys.
J H Maunsell, G M Ghose, J A Assad, C J McAdams, C E Boudreau, B D Noerager
Visual neuroscience. 1999 16(1):1-14.

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