CVM Collaborates on One Health Disease Outbreak Course
Texas A&M collaborated with two other universities to create a summer course that focused on a 'One Health' view of disease outbreak response. The CVM's Sarah Hamer taught students how to trap wild animals that often serve as disease reservoir hosts.
Weihsueh Chiu Appointed to NTP Board of Scientific Counselors
Chiu was appointed by the secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to the National Toxicology Program (NTP) Board of Scientific Counselors, where he will advise the NTP on scientific matters and evaluate the merit of NTP programs.
High School 4-H Members Tour CVM for Short Course
For the Texas 4-H Equine Ambassador Short Course on June 25, high school 4-H members toured the CVM and Large Animal Hospital, heard from Dean Eleanor M. Green, and saw educational presentations from Texas A&M equine ambassadors.
May BIMS Graduate Receives Top Hat Scholarship
Patryk Tomaszkiewicz, who double majored in biomedical sciences and entomology, earned one of five Top Hat Scholarships for his leadership, growth, and academic success. With hopes to become a heart surgeon, he is currently applying to Texas medical schools.
CVM and Veterinary Community Say Goodbye to Leon Russell
Russell dedicated his time at the CVM to teaching and to researching zoonotic diseases and rabies vaccinations. He served as president of the TVMA and AVMA and was the first American-elected president of the World Veterinary Association.
Follow the New CVM VERO Facebook Page
The VERO (Veterinary Education, Research, & Outreach) Facebook page shows a behind-the-scenes view of how the partnership between the CVM and West Texas A&M is benefiting rural veterinary medicine.
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West Texas A&M Pre-Vet Students Learn About Equine Cloning
Two incoming veterinary students from West Texas A&M University interned at Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital to learn about equine cloning. They will be joining the CVM as part of the Veterinary Education, Research & Outreach (VERO) program.
Daniel Eckman Discusses Feline Signs of Pain for Romper
Romper, an online publication from Bustle Digital Group, recently interviewed veterinarian Daniel Eckman about recognizing the signs of pain in cats and knowing when a trip to the veterinarian is needed.
Criscitiello's Work with Cow Antibodies Featured in Texas Standard
Texas Standard, the national daily news show of Texas, interviewed associate professor Michael Criscitiello on his research with cow antibodies, which he hopes will lead to vaccines for HIV and triple-negative breast cancer.
Researchers Discover Lions Intermingle, Cross 'Uninhabitable' Land
Professor James Derr and doctoral student Caitlin Curry used nuclear and mitochondrial DNA to prove that two lion subpopulations in Zambia are crossing the previously believed uninhabitable land between them, creating high levels of genetic diversity in both groups.
MD Anderson School of Health Professions Students Tour VMTH
Twenty students from the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions toured the VMTH and the Diagnostic Imaging and Cancer Treatment Center to learn about the differences between veterinary and human medical imaging.
Superfund Research Center Selects Four New Pilot Projects
These projects, which will run from May 2019 to April 2020, will study the pathways of contaminated runoff, the impact of green space on emotional resilience, the existing conditions for flood-prone neighborhoods, and the risks of flood water chemical contamination.
PEER Veterinary Fellows Reach Diverse Student Populations
Three PEER veterinary student fellows attended Health Career Day hosted by Baylor College of Medicine Academy on May 21 to teach a diverse group of students near the Texas/Mexico border about the opportunities within veterinary medicine.
Dogs Needed for Lymphoma Clinical Trial
Heather Wilson-Robles is recruiting dogs for a clinical trial on lymphoma. Dogs must be newly diagnosed with lymphoma, weigh at least 10 lbs, and be in good general health (outside of lymphoma diagnosis).
VERO Progress and Goals Featured in Amarillo News
ABC 7 news in Amarillo interviewed Dan Posey, VERO academic coordinator, and Kevin Pond, WT dean and professor, on the VERO construction progress and their goal to increase the number of veterinarians in the rural areas of Texas.
Deb Zoran Contributes to National Geographic Article
Professor Deb Zoran answered "Weird Animal Questions of the Week," such as why cats drink from the faucet and dislike belly rubs, for an online National Geographic article.
Janice Boyd Plans Future Gifts for CVM Centers
Adjunct associate professor Janice Boyd announced her plans to endow grants to the Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center and the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center to ensure proper care for her pet parrots after she is gone.
CVM Staff Awards Ceremony
July 30, 2019
AVMA Alumni Reception
August 2, 2019
DVM First-Year Orientation
August 14–16, 2019
Graduate Student Orientation
August 19–22, 2019
CVM Dog Bowl Tailgate
October 26, 2019
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Feline Forum
July 27–28, 2019
Nuclear Medicine
August 9–11, 2019
Canine Conference
August 23–24, 2019
Internal Medicine–Thailand
October 7–11, 2019
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Hats off to Dr. Dee Griffin
for his work teaching beef quality assurance at the West Texas A&M University 4-H Veterinary Science camp!
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