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Professional Development

The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) offers professional development opportunities to all CVM graduate students throughout the year. When opportunities are offered, an email announcement will be sent to all CVM graduate students. Below are some examples of professional development opportunities that we have offered in the past.

Advanced Developmental Training Initiative

The Advanced Developmental Training Initiative for graduate (PhD and Masters) students that will support a substantial part of their travel within the US (and possibly international if appropriate) for the following purposes:

  1. to attend short courses/training that are high caliber (example: Cold Spring Harbor Course series)
  2. to attend conferences that are equivalent to e.g., Gordon Conferences (i.e., targeting frontier research and its application in specific areas)
  3. to visit national laboratories of international eminence that are conducting leading/cutting-edge research (e.g., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, NIH Institutes, etc.) and obtain training in specific techniques from which the incumbent and the mentor's laboratory can substantially benefit

The initiative will support other similar possibilities but will NOT support travel for "routine" conferences for poster/oral presentations (some funds for the latter will be available through the Graduate Student Association - GSA).

The GOAL of this funding is to:

  1. encourage graduate students to attend high-end courses, training, and conferences that have the potential to substantially enhance their learning/knowledge,
  2. gain experience in laboratories outside the mentor's lab to
    • learn novel techniques that will considerably augment their thesis research
    • add a new dimension to the mentor's laboratory (by bringing in experience in a new technology)
    • gain perspective and learning/research experience in a laboratory outside mentor's lab

CVM Graduate Student Core Facility Experiential Learning Program

This CVM Graduate Student Core Facility Experiential Learning Program seeks to enhance experience with research applications that utilize both equipment and expertise of the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Genomics and Bioinformatics Laboratory and/or CVM Image Analysis Laboratory.  This program will provide user fees for utilization of these Core Facilities.

Core facility leadership will provide trainees with mentored assistance to develop a scope of work that integrates experimental design, instrument/applications training and data analysis. Proposal requests can be for up to $2,500 for the Texas A&M AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics service and up to $1,000 for CVM Image Analysis Laboratory services.

CVM Graduate Student Research Trainee Grant Program

Texas A&M University and the CVM have a keen interest in graduate student education and career development.  An essential step in biomedical sciences career development is learning how to obtain research funding.  It is vitally important to develop grant-writing skills at an early stage in a career because, regardless of the students’ final career path, the ability to clearly and concisely convey ideas is critical.

The Graduate Student Research Trainee Grant program allows students to develop and write their own research proposal.  A CVM expert review panel selects the highest-ranked student developed research proposals for funding at $5,000 to execute the proposed research.

The goal of this initiative is to engage our graduate students in proposal writing, provide critical review and feedback on grantsmanship and to provide them with a practical opportunity to manage a research project from inception to completion. Research proposal development, submission, and grants management are critical professional development skills for career-ready scientists.  Additionally, this program supports trainees to develop preliminary data that can be incorporated into a competitive predoctoral extramural grant submission.

CVM GSA Travel Awards

Information about the GSA Travel Awards can be found here: