Training and Workshops

The School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences offers various trainings and workshops to all graduate students throughout the year. When opportunities are offered, an announcement will be sent to all graduate students. Below are some examples of training and workshop opportunities that we have offered in the past.

Effective and High Impact Scientific Writing Workshop

The Importance of Clear Scientific Communication: Publication is the primary means of disseminating scientific research findings. Clear communication is essential to effectively share knowledge that advances scientific and medical progress, and to ensure proper recognition of research efforts. Our workshop training will allow you to more effectively prepare manuscripts for top scientific journals.

Designing and Delivering High Impact Slide Presentations

Slide Presentations for Scientific Communication: Other than publications, slide presentations are the most common way to share knowledge with scientific communities. Slides are used in a wide variety of situations throughout your scientific career and require clear communication strategy to achieve a high impact with your audience. Our workshop training will teach you tools to effectively prepare slides and deliver engaging presentations. Combining clear and effective oral and visual communication will generate enthusiasm for your research, which is a critical component of your success as a scientist.

Creating a Persuasive NIH Biosketch

Creating a High-Impact NIH Biosketch: The National Institutes of Health has recently changed their biosketch requirements. This new format gives you a valuable opportunity to generate excitement with your reviewers about your proposal. However, many scientists find it challenging to navigate these changes effectively.

Understanding and Developing Job Applications

Communicating your expertise and value to a potential employer requires a clear and effective strategy. This workshop will discuss the preparation of many documents associated with job applications, including resumes, CVs, cover letters, teaching philosophies, and research statements. In addition to the written portion of your job application, we will provide helpful advice on other aspects of the job search process, from assessing your skills and identifying job opportunities to selecting references and responding to tough questions at an interview.

Applying for a job will always be stressful, but knowing what to do (and what not to do) will give you the confidence to land a great job!”

The “Write” Habit Writing Workshop

Did you know that if you wrote just 30 minutes a day every day, within one year you could have submitted 10 articles for publication or written a book? If you want to learn even more winning writing strategies, come join us and start developing a productive, stress-free writing habit.

Fearless Public Speaking Workshop

This public speaking course is the fastest, easiest way to reduce stage fright. In just a single day, this presentation seminar helps participants gain poise and self-confidence in front of a group! Public Speaking Fear is still the #1 fear in America. And, right or wrong, people form a perception of who we are and what we represent by the self-confidence that we show when we deliver business presentations. A person who can stand in front of a group, with poise and self-confidence, can immediately create the perception of competency. However, a person who is shy and timid in front of a group will have a tough time convincing the audience that he or she is capable. Our public speaking classes are designed to help participants generate this self-confidence when they speak, so that their audiences see them as being the expert!