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PEER Program and KAMU-TV Continue to Promote STEM

Posted February 28, 2017


Dr. Larry Johnson presents a PEER program
via KAMU-TV.

The spring 2017 semester continues to see a valuable partnership between the Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER) program and KAMU-TV with live STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) educational webcasts provided to K-12 students nationwide. These presentations feature professors, scientists, veterinary students, technicians, and clinicians who inform students about veterinary medical and STEM-related topics aligned with state science standards. Topics range from human and animal health to college preparation and enable K-12 students to make relevant connections between science and real-world careers. So far this semester, over 9,000 students from as many as 17 states have participated in the webcasts. KAMU-TV films each presentation in high definition, and they are uploaded to the PEER YouTube channel ( for future viewing.

Programs recently uploaded to the PEER YouTube channel include:


For more information about the PEER program, visit

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