Pet Talk

Hens in a field

Hen Molting: What To Egg-spect

While the average pet owner may be familiar with the seemingly never-ending tufts of fur shed by their cat or dog, the hobby farmer may be more familiar with another loss of overcoat—hen molting. Molting is the annual process through which hens cease to lay eggs and, instead, divert their energy toward replacing their feathers. […]

A white and brown horse stand next to a hitching post; equine dental care pet talk

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: Equine Dental Care

February is National Pet Dental Health month, a time when pet owners are reminded that routine oral care is an important aspect of their animal’s well-being. Just like their small animal counterparts, large animals such as horses also require veterinary attention to keep their mouths in top shape. Dr. Leslie Easterwood, a clinical assistant professor […]

a smiling dog

Tooth Be Told: What To Know About Gingivitis

Celebrated every February, National Pet Dental Health month aims to bring awareness the importance of oral health care for pets.  In addition to bad breath, poor oral health can contribute to damage to the teeth and gums as well as periodontal disease, which can negatively impact the kidney, liver, and heart muscle. One common type […]

A pet dairy goat

Got Milk? The Ins And Outs Of Dairy Goat Ownership

For the more adventurous pet owner, there are many advantages to owning goats, including companionship, land management by grazing, and milk production. While companionship and grazing come naturally to these critters, potential owners interested in collecting dairy from their goats need to take into consideration additional factors to encourage lactation and ensure that their goat’s […]

A dog mid-jump with a stick in its mouth; a dog exercising to loose weight

Working Out Pet Weight Loss

For pet owners with an overweight animal companion, there can be a difficult balance between wanting to treat a pet and wanting to keep them in the best health possible. However, with moderation and consistency, owners can ensure their pet reaches a healthy weight without discomfort. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate professor in the Texas […]

A black and white dog travels in a car

Bark Voyage: Traveling With Pets

Pet owners choosing to travel domestically while following the appropriate precautions or those planning a post-COVID adventure may be apprehensive about leaving their animal companion at home during their vacation. Carrying a critter cross-country may seem daunting, but with the proper planning, owners should be confident that they can get their furry friend where they […]

a cat sits on top of a Christmas gift

It’s A Wrap: Pet-Safe DIY Toys And Treats

The holiday season is a time to show appreciation to our loved ones, both people and pets. Handmade toys and treats are a wonderful way to do so and allow owners to avoid busy stores during the pandemic, to ensure their gift is pet-safe, and to add a personalized DIY touch. Courtney Markley, a veterinary […]

A black cat in front of blurred holiday lights

Deck The Paws: Ensuring A Pet-Safe Holiday Home

The holiday season is a favorite time of year for many who transform their homes with festive decorations, bake winter treats, and open their doors to guests. Because these traditions introduce new variables into their furry friend’s environment, pet owners should be aware of any potential hazards that might arise. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate […]

A Pekinese dog

Seeing The Signs: What To Know About Cherry Eye In Dogs

Spotting a red bump in the corner of a pet’s eye is a concerning but not uncommon experience for many dog owners. Colloquially called “cherry eye,” this bump may be a prolapsed gland of the nictitans, also known as the third eyelid. Dr. Sean Collins, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of […]

A corgi walks on a trail lined with autumn leaves

‘Squash’ Pet Hazards This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday, many people will be gathering for smaller and safer celebrations amidst the pandemic. At these more intimate celebrations, pet owners may find that their animal receives more attention or is allowed more access to the feast than in years past. Dr. Dalton Hindmarsh, a resident in emergency and critical care at the […]