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A long haired grey cat in a forest; FeLV

Prevention is Key: What To Know About FeLV

Cancer prevention is often framed through healthy lifestyle choices and frequent screenings. However, in special cases where the disease can be caused by a virus, scientists have developed vaccines that can be instrumental to reducing cancer risk, as in the case of feline lymphoma. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate professor in the Texas A&M College […]

A small brown dog laying in the grass, pet cancer

How Human And Animal Cancers Compare

Companion animals and their owners usually face very different medical concerns. While humans rarely worry about developing kennel cough and pets have no concern of catching chickenpox, cancer is unique in that nearly every species can develop it and that it may present similarly across species lines. Dr. Shay Bracha, an associate professor at the […]

an orange tabby way laying on the edge of a table

The First Steps: Cancer Diagnosis In Pets

Although any illness in a beloved pet is stressful for their owner, cancer holds an especially alarming stigma that may be a point of fear for many. However, the veterinary field is continuously improving the treatment of this disease, leading to more favorable outcomes. Dr. Christopher Dolan, an oncology resident at the Texas A&M College […]

A brown and black hen

Backyard Chickens: A Compre-hen-sive Guide

While many people are content with a pet dog or cat, others may seek less traditional animal friends. For those looking for more exotic pets, chickens can offer not only companionship but also benefits such as egg production, soil fertilization, and educational opportunities to help forge the connection between farm and table. Dr. Ashley Navarrette, […]

A young boy pets a dog

Welcome Home: Introducing A New Baby To Pets

Many expecting parents prepare for months in anticipation of a new baby. For pet parents, this preparation also often involves encouraging appropriate and positive behaviors in their animals during the time leading up to birth. However, even with adequate preparations, there are still important precautions owners should consider after the arrival of their new addition […]

A black french bulldog sits in a baby swing with its tongue out

Preparing The Entire Family for A Newborn

Expecting parents are often as busy as they are excited while they’re preparing to welcome a new baby to their family. In this happily hectic time, those who also own pets should consider how their fur babies and their new baby can safely interact when they eventually meet. Dr. Lori Teller, an associate professor in […]

a white llama

A Whole ‘Llama’ Fun: Alpacas And Llamas As Pets

Llamas and alpacas are closely related animals, both hailing from South America. Although they may have an exotic allure, they are commonly kept as companion animals and can make rewarding and unexpected pets for owners with the space and time. Dr. Evelyn MacKay, a clinical assistant professor of food animal medicine and field service at […]

A brown and black dog peeking up from the bottom of the photo

Turmeric And Canine Uveitis: Not So Far-Fetched

Many of the medications that improve our daily lives were first found in nature—the discovery of aspirin began with willow tree bark, penicillin was first extracted from a common species of mold, and countless other life-improving compounds have roots in the natural world. Dr. Erin Scott, an assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of […]

A fluffy brown miniature cow

“Herd” Of Miniature Cattle?

Miniature pigs and miniature horses are well-known pets that offer unusual and adorable companionship, but the increasingly common miniature bovine is also making an entrance to the modern homesteading scene. Dr. Evelyn MacKay, a clinical assistant professor of food animal medicine and field service at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, […]

A grey cats lays sideways on a couch

Have A Paw-sitive Transition After Quarantine

A silver lining to the stress of stay-at-home orders for many has been extra time spent with pets. Whether that means extra-long walks for dogs, chin scratches for cats, or quality time and attention for all of the other critters, many of our furry friends have benefited from this pause in society. Dr. Lori Teller, […]