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Do you have a story about animals, humans, the environment—or all three—that you would like to tell? Is your research project worth reporting to the masses? Does the world (or at least the college) want to know about the latest award faculty, staff, or students in your department have received? Have you or your lab partner(s) made a recent discovery? Were you recently published in a journal? Were you recently part of an international experience? Are you the leader of an organization with news we all need to read about? Is your latest work innovative? Have you ever wondered why your work isn’t featured on our website or in CVM Today?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above, PLEASE let us know. We would love to tell the world about you, your clients, your work, your research, but we NEED your help! There is so much to tell and we are conducting so much innovative and exciting research that we can’t capture it all without you!

You can write the story if you like and we will edit and send out through the appropriate channels…or we can interview you and we will write the story. I know we often think that our own work is not newsworthy, but that’s what the communications team can help you decide. Filling out this form will at least give us the idea that there might be a story and we will take it from there!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Megan Palsa, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Communications, Public Relations & Media

Jennifer G. Gauntt, M.A.
Assistant Director of Communications


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