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CVM Launches New Programs

Posted August 01, 2003

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University has announced the implementation and first student enrollments in two exciting new educational programs as initiatives in the new Program for Executive Leadership in Veterinary Medical Education, which was established in 2002. The Veterinary Medical Scientist Training Program is a combined DVM/PhD degree program designed to prepare highly motivated students for career leadership roles as the next generation of scientists in experimental biology and biomedical sciences. The program provides advanced, rigorous research and clinical training that will lead to career opportunities in academia, industry, clinical practice and specialty areas and government and will take seven to eight years to complete. The first two students, Tanya Gustafson (Class of 2006) and Virginia Snell (Class of 2005) were first enrolled this past academic year. Ms. Gustafson was also the first veterinary medical student recipient of a Howard Hughes Fellowship, being selected one of only 47 students nationally from more than 2,000 applicants.

The second new program is the DVM/MBA Program wherein a DVM professional student may take deferment between the second and third or third and fourth years of the professional curriculum and complete the MBA coursework in one year and then return to the DVM curriculum, or may receive the DVM degree and immediately matriculate the MBA coursework in the Texas A&M University Mays School of Business. The first four students enrolled are Amber Williams (Class of 2005) and Dana Boehm, Erin Mitchell and Shawna Walters (Class and DVM of 2003). These graduates will be prepared for leadership roles in many areas of veterinary medicine and business with MBA training in leadership, management, human resources, teambuilding, communications, marketing, business, finance and accounting.

The Program for Executive Leadership in Veterinary Medical Education is directed by Dr. E. Dean Gage, holder of the Charles and Mildred Kruse Bridges Chair in Veterinary Medical Education. Dr. Gage stated, "We are excited to implement these two new programs which reflect our commitment to graduate veterinarians who are not only highly competent from the scientific and technological perspective, but who also have enhanced skills to be the real leaders of tomorrow. We owe this to the profession and are very proud of these outstanding students who are paving the way for others to follow."

"The importance of the new program in executive leadership and its degree plans for students seeking broader applications for their veterinary medical education can't be overemphasized," said Dean H. Richard Adams. "The future of veterinary medicine is dependent upon an evolving curriculum which will engage students to their highest potential and prepare them to achieve excellence and a leadership role in their field."

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