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*Update* Veterinary Emergency Team Responds to Injured Animals In Bastrop

Posted September 08, 2011

*Update* Veterinary Emergency Team Responds to Injured Animals In Bastrop

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS - After an initial assessment yesterday with Texas Animal Health Commission officials, members of the Veterinary Emergency Team returned to Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to bring in additional personnel and equipment to respond to the urgent needs of animal injuries in the wake of the Bastrop wildfire.

"It was busier today," said Dr. Wesley Bissett, professor of large animal clinical sciences and director of the VET. "We saw a number of animals, both large and small, and primarily burn injuries. We've been performing triage on these rescued pets and livestock with those that needed no further treatment transported to shelters in the area, while those that needed additional care were sent to local practitioners in the area."

Currently, there is a 13-member team comprised of faculty, staff, and students active in the response effort. Working out of the VET surgical trailer that is also set up for triage and examinations, the VET continues to see injured animals brought out of the affected area in addition to continued support of Texas Task Force-1 by performing end of operations evaluations on their search and rescue dogs, dealing with any injuries they may have incurred.

"It is a privilege to work with such a knowledgeable and dedicated group," said Bissett. "The members of TTF-1 have been great to work with. In addition, the Bastrop community has done an amazing job in a tragic situation. This is particularly the case with the local veterinarians in the area. They have been available to their communities' animals and have done an incredible job. This has truly been a great team effort by all who have responded to meet the needs of not only the people affected by this wildfire, but also the animals."

Tonight, the VET will work to set up a larger base of operations for both the members supporting TTF-1 and those that are responding to injured animals brought in from the affected area. This move will prepare the team to deal with what is anticipated to be busier days ahead when more animals are discovered as the fire comes under control and animal control officials are able to reach other areas.


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