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Online Curriculum

  1. Module 1: Developing a Vision for Product Discovery to Commercialization.
  2. Module 2: Bench: Developing a Strategic Plan of Work. Lessons include: Introduction to Product Discovery During the Bench Phase; Risk Assessment Methods for Working with Select Agents; Introduction to Biorisk Management; Biosecurity; Animal Use Ethics; Animal Biorisk Management; Facilities for Biomedical Research and Production; Bioethics in Biomedical Research, Regulations and International Interactions; and Select Agent Regulation, Biocontainment and Licensing.
  3. Module 3: Technology Transition: Biological Product and Component Validation. Lessons include: Regulatory Pathways to License and Patent TAD Research and Development (R&D) Technologies; Good Lab Practices (GLPs) to Utilize During Scale-Up Production of TAD R&D Technologies; Good Management Practices (GMPs) to Utilize During Scale-Up Production of a TAD R&D Technology; and Quality Control.
  4. Module 4: Business: Transition of a TAD R&D Product. Lessons include: Partnership Relations; Business Models and Plans; Entrepreneurship; Project Management; and Intellectual Property.

Training in each of these areas will be provided through an online course and a 3-week experiential training course.


Experiential Training

From the Bench to the Shop: Technology Transition to the Global Marketplace: Trainees will participate in a 3-week experiential short course in June and July 2018, and be grouped into 4 categories: vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, and biologically relevant specimens. Each cohort will consist of 2 graduate students, 1 post-doctoral fellow, and 1 early-career faculty member or researcher.

All travel, accommodation, and meals for the 3-week Experiential Training in South Africa, Texas and Colorado will be provided for the trainees selected for this course.