Bye-Bye Brucellosis    Fighting together to eliminate the disease through research, education, and outreach.


  • We are committed to the development of new and improved tools to diagnose, prevent and control infectious diseases with an emphasis on brucellosis, a zoonotic bacterial disease that affects millions of people and animal around the world.
  • We are passionate about capacity building with colleagues worldwide to reduce the incidence of brucellosis and other zoonotic diseases.
  • We are devoted to the training of next generation scientists in all aspects regarding brucellosis including biosafety and biosecurity processes, and technology transition of research to commercialization.

Our Work

  • We develop new and improved vaccination strategies for use in animals and humans
  • We create novel tools for the diagnosis of infectious agents that can be applied under resource-limited settings
  • We study the mechanisms of Brucella host agent interactions
  • We investigate the emergence and re-emergence of brucellosis worldwide
  • We generate capacity building at national and international levels not only for students, scientists and professionals, but also for animal workers in rural communities across the globe.


Research Projects

Training Programs