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CVM Alumna Wins Excellence in Research Award

Posted May 18, 2017



Distinguished Graduate Student Award winners, with Marty Holmes and Dr. Sue Bloomfield (flanking winners in the back row), include: (standing, from left) Zachary Schultzhaus, Nima Jalili, Rachael Muschalek, Robert Hinck, John Kainer, Rachel Curtis-Robles, Corrine Metzger, Dr. Karen Butler-Purry; (sitting, from left) Landon Nash, Robyn Woollands, Elizabeth Seto, Guillermo García Ureña, Christopher Schalk, Ying-Pin Chen, Inchul Cho, and Crystal Dozier.

Rachel Curtis-Robles, who earned her doctorate in biomedical sciences in December from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), was one of 16 students or graduates recognized with a Distinguished Graduate Student Award by the Association of Former Students (AFS).

Curtis-Robles was among seven selected from students across Texas A&M’s 17 colleges for the AFS’s “Excellence in Research—Doctoral” awards.

Her recognized research focused on the ecology and epidemiology of Chagas disease—a parasitic disease spread by triatomine “kissing bug” vectors—in Texas. In addition to studies of Chagas disease vectors, she led studies of infection prevalence’s in canine, wildlife, and human populations throughout the state.

Curtis-Robles also was cited for her dedication to public outreach and education.

She co-founded the Texas A&M Kissing Bug Citizen Science Program, which accepts kissing bug vectors from across Texas and the U.S. for acceptance to a testing and research collection.

Along with her public outreach education activities, she has presented at many scientific conferences and work and presentations have garnered her presentation awards at national and international conferences

Curtis-Robles was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, as well as a Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine Merit Fellow, and is now completing postdoctoral work in lab of Dr. Sarah Hamer, assistant professor in the CVM’s Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences.

Each year, the AFS chooses graduate students to receive Distinguished Graduate Student Awards in one of three categories: “Excellence in Research-Doctoral,” “Excellence in Research-Master’s,” and “Excellence in Teaching.”

Student nominations arrive from faculty advisers or departments, and nomination represents a true honor and accomplishment in itself, due to strenuous eligibility requirements. Recipients are selected by a panel of reviewers including faculty and administrators.

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