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At the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS), we support collaboration and teamwork that turns today's discoveries into proactive solutions for animals, humans, and the environment.

"Diversity drives excellence in everything that we do as a team, including biomedical education and research."

– Dr. Ramesh Vemulapalli, VMBS Executive Associate Dean


"Being an ambassador is more than simply giving tours. Being a part of this amazing team has helped me create my own path to reach my goals as a pre-vet student."

– Linh Ngo, Biomedical Sciences Undergraduate Student & VMBS Ambassador


Texas A&M Is Home To World’s Top Two Dog Experts

In addition to employing the top two experts on the topic, Texas A&M University is listed as the world’s fifth...

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Male Alcohol Use May Be A Crucial, Unrecognized Factor Affecting IVF Outcomes

Research from Dr. Michael Golding’s laboratory at Texas A&M University highlights the need to expand prepregnancy messaging to emphasize the...

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Texas A&M’s Newly Offered Knee Replacement Surgery Provides Canine Patient With Renewed Life

Like any other young dog, Delilah, a black Labrador Retriever-Great Pyrenees mix, loves to run and play. She wouldn’t be...

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Pet Talk

Preparing Your Food Animals To Beat The Cold

When the weather dips into cold and freezing temperatures, especially at night, humans stay cozy by turning on heaters and...

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Choosing The Best Probiotic For Upset Tummies

Having a stressed or sick pet is concerning, especially if diarrhea, gas, and digestive issues are present. A probiotic could...

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Making National Dress Up Your Pet Day A Paw-sitive Experience

This weekend offers an opportunity for pet owners to celebrate their furry friends with a little extra attention and pampering...

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"I think we’re really fortunate here, because we have such wonderful faculty who are willing to take us under their wings."

– Marshal Covin, Third-Year Veterinary Student