Grants & Awards

The following grants and awards are available to members of the CGS in the year 2012/13:

Application Deadlines

Program Deadline
CGS/ Iams Eukanuba Professional development Awards (GUT SKI/GUT SEA and DDW Travel Awards) October 15th 2014
CGS/Waltham Research Grant October 15, 2014
CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Program February 1st, 2015
CGS Digestive Disaese Week travel awards
January 15th 2015

CGS/ Waltham Research grants - Program Description

Winner of the CGS/Waltham research Grant 2014

The Board of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society (CGS) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 CGS/Waltham grant. The applications were judged by CGS Board members and the grant was revoewd by the Waltham Ethical Review Committee.

This year's grant was awarded to Dr. Samantha Parkinson from the University of Tennessee for her project: Analysis of oral acid suppressants for treatment of feline acid related disorders. Congratulations to Dr. Parkinson and her mento DR. Katie Tolbert!

Many thanks to Waltham for their continued support of our research grant!

Dear Colleagues:

The Board of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society (CGS) is pleased to announce the CGS/Waltham Research grant for 2014. Applications are now being solicited for proposals in veterinary and comparative gastroenterology. The proposed project must have clinical application in a veterinary species. Also, studies must conform to the ethical principles of Waltham (see below). Informed owner consent must be obtained from all participants in a clinical trial. Prior to funding these ethical principles must be addressed.

CGS members in training (must be in good standing, i.e., dues must have been paid for the current membership year) are eligible to apply (with their mentor serving as the institutional principal investigator; the mentor must also be a CGS member in good standing). The maximum dollar amount for this grant is $8,000 (no indirect costs will be paid by the CGS and no more than 10% of the grant may be used for travel to a major meeting to present the study results). Funds will be available February 1, 2014. Submissions must be received by e-mail (attachment) by October 15, 2014. Please send your submission to Peter Kook, the at-large member of the CGS Board (

The proposal should be accompanied by a cover letter (e-mail attachment) that details the eligibility of the applicant to receive this grant. Proposals will be reviewed by members of the CGS Board and other volunteer CGS members. The winner will be announced by February 1, 2014. Grants are generally 1-year but no-cost extensions of up to 6 months will be considered.

A final report must be submitted to the secretary of the CGS by the end of the term of the grant.

Proposal guidelines are attached. Proposals must be limited to five pages (the title page is not included in the 5-page limit). Review emphasis will be placed on a quality proposal with clear and concise objectives, well-planned methods, relevance to the CGS, and a reasonable budget. The Board does not provide written reviews or commentaries to applicants regarding their proposals.

If your project involves live vertebrate animals or recombinant DNA, you will need to seek the appropriate institutional approvals. We strongly suggest that you seek institutional approval for your project while the proposal is under review so you can submit a copy of the fully approved clearance letter(s) before the funding is released.

Please send email questions to

On behalf of the CGS, I would like to express our SINCERE APPRECIATION to WALTHAM by way of Karyl J Hurley, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine), DECVIM-CA; Global Scientific Affairs, WALTHAM; MARS PET CARE for sponsoring this award!

The winners of the CGS/Waltham Research grant of the last years can be found here!

CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Award- Program description

The CGS Board is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Program. This year the top two projects are being awarded grants:

First place goes to Mr. Douglas Donovan, veterinary student, Royal Veterinary College, London, UK. Mr. Donovan will work with his mentor, Dr. Karin Allenspach, this summer evaluating a non-invasive diagnostic test for IBD. The title of his project is, "Clinical usefulness of antibodies against flagellin as a diagnostic test in dogs with IBD".

Second place goes to Ms. Lauren Foster, veterinary student Texas A&M University. Ms. Foster will work with her mentor, Dr. Jan Suchodolski, this summer evaluating the fecal microbiome of cats. The title of her project is, "Characterization of the fecal microbiome of cats with acute and chronic diarrhea".

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Donovan and Ms. Foster for their accomplishment!

The Board of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society (CGS) will announce the CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Program 2014 in January 2014.

·         The maximum dollar amount for each award grant is $8,000.00.

·         No indirect costs will be paid by CGS.

·         $5,000.00 should be considered part of a stipend for the student and $3,000.00 is to be allocated for consumables by the mentor.

Please send your application to Jan Suchodolski, the secretary/treasurer of the CGS Board ( by e-mail attachment by February 1st 2014. The winners will be announced by February 15th, 2014.

CGS/Iams Eukanuba Professional Development Awards

Winners of the CGS-Iams/Eukanuba professional development awards 2014

The Board of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society (CGS) is pleased to announce the winner of the CGS/Iams-Eukanuba Professional Development Awards - Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) Travel Award 2014.

This year’s award is awarded to Dr. Elizabeth Lennon from North Carolina State University. Dr. Lennon is currently a PhD candidate under the mentorship of Dr. Adam Moeser.

Congratulations to Dr. Lennon and many thanks to Iams-Eukanuba for their continued generous support of this award!

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