What is ‘CGS’?

The Comparative Gastroenterology Society: an incorporated, not-for-profit educational organization, that was organized and constituted April 13, 1970 in Denver, Colorado.

What is the purpose of the CGS?

To encourage professional improvement and the interchange of knowledge and ideas among those persons interested in comparative gastroenterology including patient care, teaching and research. (Article III of the Articles of Incorporation.)

Who makes up the CGS?

Membership in the CGS is restricted to those recognized as active contributors to the broad field of comparative gastroenterology, and those in training.

Further details on membership can be found in Article IV of the By-Laws and within the membership section of this web site.

Information about the current CGS board members can be found here.

Origin of the CGS website?

The original website and listserve were developed and maintained by Dr. Robert J. Washabau (past CGS President) on the college of veterinary medicine server at the University of Pennsylvania . Thereafter, Dr. David Schneider took over for several years. From 2015-2023, Dr. Kate Arnell was been maintaining and updating the website, before Dr. Betty Chow took over the position in June 2023. This website is currently hosted through the server at Texas A&M University.

Does the CGS have a Newsletter?

The CGS publishes a Newsletter in which it informs its member about new developments in the veterinary medicine or new events such as conferences, GutSki/GutSea or anything that is for interest for the members.