Results of the Board elections are in!

The CGS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the results of the 2015 elections. Thank you to all the members who took the time to vote!

Dr. Albert Jergens is our new President-Elect and Dr. Katharine Arnell is our new webmaster. Dr. Craig Ruaux will move from President-Elect to President and Dr. Jörg Steiner will move from President to Past-President. Additionally Dr. Jan Suchodolski will continue his term as Secretary/Treasurer and Drs. Keith Richter and Peter Kook will continue their terms as At Large members. The board members will officially start their terms at the CGS Luncheon at the ACVIM Form in Indianapolis. Congratulations to all the board members!

The CGS would also like to extend a resounding thank you to Dr. Karin Allenspach for her dedicated service to the CGS as Webmaster. Additionally, a big round of applause to Drs. Stan Marks and Matthew Krecic for their willingness to serve the CGS!

New CGS Board membership:
President: Craig Ruaux
President-Elect: Albert Jergens
Past-President: Jörg Steiner
Secretary/Treasurer: Jan Suchodolski
Webmaster: Kate Arnell
At Large I: Keith Richter
At Large II: Peter Kook


GUTSKI Announcement for 2016!

The 2016 GUTSKi meeting will be held at the Woodspur Lodge in Winterpark, CO.  The dates for the meeting are Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2016.  Note: this is earlier than we usually hold the meeting, so please make a note in your calendar to save the date.  More information will be coming in the summer.  We hope as many of you can make it as possible!


GUTSEA 2015 in Placencia, Belize was a great success!  There were 44 active participants.  Thanks to Keith Richter, Bob Sherding, and Jan Suchodolski for organizing this wonderful event.  Thanks to Nutromax Laboratories, Nestle Purina Pet Care, Storz Veterinary Endoscopy, Zoetis, and VCA Antech for their generous sponsorship of this meeting.

Keith Richter has sent out a questionnaire to receive input from the membership for options for locations for the next GUTSEA 2017.

Digestive Diseases Week 2015

There were 25 CGS members present for the dinner at DDW in Washington, DC.  The event was sponsored by Exegi Pharmaceutical.  DDW was a memorable experience with more than 16,000 gastroenterologists in attendance and well over 5,00 research abstracts presented.  Next year, DDW will be held in San Diego, CA.


Award Winners for 2015!

ACVIM abstract presentations - the winners are:

First Place, Oral Abstract Category – Blake Guard

Blake Guard is a Master’s student at the Gastrointestinal Laboratory, Texas A&M University. His presentation, entitled “The effect of the probiotic Sivoy on fecal microbial composition in healthy dogs”, describes changes over time in the structure of the fecal microbiome in healthy dogs receiving a high-dose probiotic product, showing a marked increase in Streptococcus spp and Bifidobacterium spp abundance after 60 days of treatment with this product.

Equal Second Place, Oral Abstract Category – A three-way tie: Dr’s Alexandra Hamilton, Yasushi Minamoto, and Sara Wennogle (alphabetical order).

Dr Alexandra Hamilton is a third year small animal internal medicine resident at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Diego, California. Her presentation was titled “Serum markers of Vitamin B metabolism in cats with hepatic lipidosis”. Dr Hamilton reported that cats with hepatic lipidosis had higher serum methylmalonic acid concentrations than healthy cats, even though serum cobalamin was considered normal in most affected cats. This suggests that cobalamin metabolism may be compromised at a cellular level in cats with hepatic lipidosis.  Dr Hamilton’s presentation was also judged the winner of the ACVIM Resident Award for an oral presentation in Small Animal Gastroenterology.

Dr Yasushi Minamoto is a PhD student in the Gastrointestinal Laboratory at Texas A&M University. His presentation, “Fecal short-chain fatty acid concentrations in dogs with chronic enteropathy”, demonstrated several interesting and important changes in fecal SCFA’s, and by implication changes in enterocyte metabolism, in dogs with chronic enteropathic disease. Fecal concentrations of acetate, propionate and total SCFA were all reduced in dogs with chronic enteropathy. The possible role of the gastrointestinal microbiota in these changes is an obvious area of further interest.

Dr Sara Wennogle is a resident in Small Animal Internal Medicine at Colorado State University. In her presentation “Measurement of plasma fibrinogen in dogs with hepatobiliary disease” she presented data showing that dogs with hypofibrinogenemia is more likely to occur in dogs with chronic hepatitis than with other histological categories of chronic hepatobiliary disease, with many dogs in the chronic hepatitis group showing fibrinogen concentrations lower than the assay reference range.

First Place, Poster Abstract Category – Jess Rigling

Jess Rigling is a second year veterinary student in the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Her poster, entitled “Validation of a urinary 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid assay, and preliminary use in dogs with chronic enteropathies”, was the product of a summer research program funded by a grant from the Comparative Gastroenterology Society as part of a program to enhance DVM student interest in gastrointestinal research. In her poster, Jess showed that a commercially available assay kit for 5-HIAA, a terminal metabolite of serotonin, is usable with canine-origin urine samples following dilution to eliminate a matrix effect, and that 5-HIAA is elevated in dogs with chronic enteropathy. Interestingly, she also showed that urinary 5-HIAA:Creatinine correlates linearly with disease severity as measured by CIBDAI.

Second Place, Poster Abstract Category – Dr Frances Hurrell

Dr Frances Hurrell is a third-year small animal internal medicine at the Ryan Hospital for Companion Animals, University of Pennsylvania. Her poster, entitled “Beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations in dogs with acute pancreatitis and without diabetes mellitus”, presented fascinating data regarding the presence of ketosis in dog with acute pancreatitis, who showed significantly higher concentrations of BOHB than either healthy dogs or sick dogs presented for diseases other than pancreatitis. In this study there was no apparent relationship between BOHB concentrations and length of clinical signs, dog’s body condition or any of several clinical pathology variables assessed, thus the prognostic utility of this finding requires further assessment.

Congratulations to all!

CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Program 2015

This year two grants were awarded.  The winners are Gena Esposito from Texas A&M University and Rebecca Timmons from Colorade State University.

Gena Esposito is a a student (class of 2018) under the mentorship of Dr. Jan Suchodolski, the title of their project is "Measurement of fecal metabolites in dogs with chronic enteropathy". Rebecca Timmons is a student (Class of 2017) under the mentorship of Dr. Craig Webb, the title of their project is "In vitro Optimization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Treatment of Chronic Enteropathy in Dogs".

Congratulations to Gena Esposito and Rebecca Timmons!

CGS/Iams-Eukanuba Professional Development Awards for travel to Gutsea 2015

This year the CGS board has decided to give 4 awards to members in training:

Dr. Samantha Parkinson, second year small animal internal medicine resident at the University of Tennessee

Dr. Agostino Buono,  PhD student at Texas A&M University

Dr. Allison Kendall, Purdue University, Indiana,

and Dr. Alison Manchester, University of Wisconsin.

Each award covers travel related expenses up to $1,500, kindly sponsored by P&G PetCare.

Please join me in congratulating our winners on this prestigious award.

2015 Digestive Disease week travel awards

The Board of the Comparative Gastroenterology Society (CGS) is pleased to announce the winners of the CGS/Iams-Eukanuba Professional Development Awards - Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) Travel Award 2015.

This year two travel grants were awarded. The winners are Dr. Emily Gould from the University of Tennessee and Dr. Lina Maria Martinez-Lopez from the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Gould is a Master’s candidate under the mentorship of Dr. Katie Tolbert. Dr. Martinez-Lopez is a PhD candidate under the mentorship of Dr. Caroline Mansfield.

Congratulations to Dr. Gould and Dr. Martinez-Lopez , and many thanks to Iams-Eukanuba for their continued generous support of this award!


2015 Waltham/CGS research grant award

The Board of the CGS is pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 CGS/Waltham Research Grant.

All grants were judged by CGS Board members and volunteer CGS members.

This year’s grant is awarded to Dr. Jessica Florey for her project  “Celiac disease in dogs with chronic enteropathies- more common than we think?”.

Dr. Florey is a 1st year internal medicine resident at the Royal Veterinary College under mentorship of Dr. Karin Allenspach.

Congratulations to Drs. Florey and Allenspach and many thanks to Waltham for their continued generous support of this grant!

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