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Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center

Mulga Parrot

Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center

The Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center at Texas A&M University was founded by an endowment from Mr. Richard M. Schubot in 1987, with matching funds provided by Texas A&M.

The Schubot Center supports research into all aspects of disease in wild and captive birds, particularly the large parrot species - a favorite of Mr. Schubot - as well as endangered species (e.g., the Attwater's Prairie Chicken). Our work includes studies on infectious and parasitic disease, and research on avian nutrition. Scientists at Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine as well as at the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Science and the Department of Poultry Science are engaged in a variety of research studies, the results of which will be applied to protecting the health of wild birds and those kept by zoos, aviculturists and individual pet owners. The Schubot Center research programs are specifically selected for their role in protecting birds, enhancing their survival, and improving their quality of life.

Our mission is to improve the health of wild and exotic birds by promoting research into the cause, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of avian disease.