In Fall 2019, several new research projects were funded with Schubot mini-grants:

Schubot Mini Research Grants
Name Position Dept Mentor Title
Dr. Wes Brashear Postdoc BIOL Dr. Kira Delmore Study of a natural avian hybrid zone to assess temporal patterns of hybridization and genomic introgression
Viridiana Martinez PhD student WFSC Dr. Jacquie Grace Interactions between stress hormones and blood parasites in birds along elevation gradients
Dr. Abigail Kimmitt Postdoc BIOL Dr. Kira Delmore Viability selection against hybrids in a songbird migratory divide
Amanda Beckman PhD student EEB Dr. Michael Morrison Struttin’ with two brothers versus eight cousins: investigating how relatedness influences cooperative coalitions and parasite dynamics
Spencer DeBrock PhD student VIBS Dr. Sarah Hamer The role of migratory birds in the spread and dispersal of parasites
Hannah Justen PhD student EEB Dr. Kira Delmore Can we predict how juvenile migrants will respond to environmental changes?
Mariel Ortega undergraduate WFSC Dr. Jacquie Grace The Effects of Pishing and Playback on Avian Fitness
Randall ‘Keith’ Andringa undergraduate WFSC Dr. Jacquie Grace Stable isotope analysis of features to analyze dietary shifts in dabbling ducks

Long-standing Schubot research programs are described in more details at the following pages: