Visit the Schubot Aviary

Since 2017, the Schubot Center has had opened its doors to our communities to offer a series of activities to learn about topics related to avian exotics. Under the leadership of our aviary manager Debra Turner, the center provides tours of the TAMU Aviary for local middle schools, high schools, and summer camp programs as well

The typical aviary visit lasts about one hour and visitors can participate in a variety of activities: tour the aviary’s different facilities, build toys and other enrichment for the birds that live in the aviary, conduct a microscopic analysis of avian parasites/blood, and speak with a Schubot member specialist. This final part is adjusted according to the interests of each particular group. For instance, a vet camp may speak with veterinary students, while a STEM camp may have a researcher scientist talk about the Schubot Center research projects. The Schubot Center also offers Virtual Veterinary Enrichment Camp Zoom tours.

TAMU Aviary Tours – Summer 2022

Future Aggie Veterinary Experience – VMBS FAVE CAMP

The VMBS’ FAVE CAMP summer program it is an experiential program that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate with hand-on experiences, clinical learning seasons and guidance on how to prepare a competitive veterinary school application.

Visit led by Dr. Glennon Mays

Date: June 24th, 2022

# Students: 24 undergraduate students

Schubot Center members involved:

Dr. Meredith Anderson, 2nd year Vet student Cora Garcia and Aviary manager Debra Turner

Aggie STEM Program Summer Camp

The Aggie STEM Summer Camps are an important aspect of the Aggie STEM program. The ASSC provide students with experiential activities in STEM education directly given by Texas A&M University professors in STEM fields. Aggie STEM is dedicated to providing STEM educators with the tools necessary for advancements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Visit led by: Dr. Niyazi Erdogan (Coordinator of the Texas A&M University Aggie STEM Project)

Schubot Center members involved: Dr. Caitlin Mencio, 2nd year Vet Student Madison McClintock,  Amanda Harvey  and Yahel Acosta and Aviary manager Debra Turner.

Group 1

Date: June 29th, 2022

# Students: 75 Hight school and middle school students

Group 2

Date: June 15th, 2022

# Students: 100 Hight school and middle school students

Veterinary Medicine Youth Adventure Program YAP

The Youth Adventure Program (YAP) offers a series of one week courses designed to give gifted and talented students the chance to explore fields on a real world situation, under the guidance of A&M professors.

Visit led by: Dr. Tamy Frank-Cannon (Coordinator of YAP camp)

Date: July 13th, 2022

# Students: 13 teenager students

Schubot Center members involved: Dr. Caitlin Mencio, 2nd year Vet Student Madison, Dr. Ken Turner, McClintock, Yahel Acosta and Aviary manager Debra Turner.