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Field Trips

The Summer Research experience is enhanced by 2-3 field trips to other research institutions, where students meet other scientists and witness other aspects of veterinary and biomedical research.


Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, MD Anderson Science Park (Bastrop, TX). Students observe aspects of laboratory animal care (primates) and learn about auxiliary service roles for veterinarians in biomedical research, for example, as veterinary pathologists and laboratory animal scientists. This visit includes tours of four primate colonies: rhesus, chimpanzee, owl monkey, and squirrel monkeys. After a lunch meeting with the veterinarians, students tour the pathology support laboratories.
Hosts: Drs. W Satterfield, C Abee, B Bernacky, W Baze, A Brady, J Ruiz, K Barnhart, M MacArthur & others.


Center for Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases, University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston, TX). Students meet and have lunch with several scientists conducting research on zoonotic pathogens. About half of the scientists are veterinarians from US and European colleges. The students also get a "virtual" tour of a BSL-4 laboratory. Students have the opportunity to learn that veterinarians & animal disease research have a place anywhere.
Hosts: D Walker, MD; K Schuenke, PhD; F Murphy, DVM, PhD; C Fulhorst, DVM, DrPH; S Paessler, DVM, PhD; P Adams, DVM, PhD; S Higgs, PhD; & others.


Comparative Cardiovascular Laboratory, Texas Heart Institute (Houston, TX). Students visit with scientists and tour the animal facilities at THI, where translational research on ventricular assist devices and vascular stents is conducted. They also have an opportunity to view cardiovascular surgery from the observation deck of the operating suite. Students are introduced to veterinarians' roles in translational research.
Hosts: F Clubb, DVM, PhD, G Costas, DVM.


The Methodist Hospital Research Institute (Houston, TX).
Students tour the Comparative Medicine facilties at TMHRI, which is responsible for "judicious and humane use of preclinical study models in the pursuit of scientific excellence for the benefit of human and animal health." This visit coincides with the tour of THI.
Host: M Ihrig, DVM, MS


Texas A&M Institute for Pre-Clinical Studies (TAMU)
Tour of TIPS, a state-of-the-art facility for GLP-compliant large animal preclinical studies. Students observe surgery suites, animal housing, and advanced imaging technologies.
Host: M Lennox, PhD