Eligibility & Application


Summer 2024

All applications must be submitted by midnight on January 31, 2024.



First- and second-year professional veterinary students in good academic standing are eligible. The program’s mission is to introduce veterinary students to research and research careers. Most positions will be reserved for those without experience beyond undergraduate research. Students who have completed a science MS (with thesis) or PhD are not eligible to apply for VMSRTP funding. Veterinary students who are currently enrolled in thesis MS or PhD programs are encouraged to apply to participate in, but cannot be funded by, the VMSRTP.

If in doubt regarding your eligibility, contact Dr. Dana Gaddy and Dr. Tracy Vemulapalli.

Mentor Selection

Students will select a mentor for the summer program prior to applying. See the list of potential mentors. One informational lunch in the fall is devoted to discussions about selecting a mentor. Program Directors  will also meet with all potential applicants to assist in mentor selection.

Selection Criteria

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated on a competitive basis by a Selection Committee. Factors that will be considered are:

  • academic performance
  • probable research project (clarity of hypothesis and significance; students’ demonstrated understanding of the project)
  • statements of motivation and expectations
  • recommendation from your proposed faculty mentor (the directors will email mentors for their recommendation after all applications have been submitted)


Some of the projects are in West Texas or in the field. Can I rank those projects in my selections if I am a student in College Station?

Yes. Students can come here from elsewhere, and Texas A&M College Station students can go there or to other programs, provided students are prepared to find a place to live in the corresponding location.

I’m getting married this summer, or I have planned a vacation/travel abroad experience. How much time can I take off?

The program runs for 13 weeks, and we allow one week off. Scheduling is usually between you and your faculty mentor, but the program starts about one week after the end of classes in May. If you will be gone for more than a week, that isn’t compatible with this program. Additionally, all participants must attend Orientation in May and VMBS Research Day in late July.

Do I have to attend the TAMU VMBS Research Day (end of July) to present my oral presentation on my project?

Yes, and you must also participate in the National Veterinary Scholars Symposium (NVSS), either by traveling to the NVSS or participating in a virtual program.

Can I have a job in addition to being in the program?

Texas A&M University considers this a full-time job. You need to discuss this with your mentor and probably one of the program coordinators. It might work for some projects and not for others.

How much are we paid, and how often are we paid?

Students receive a stipend of $6,786 for the 13-week program. The stipend is paid in two checks: the end of May and the first week of July for the last two weeks of the program.

I was in the program last year. Can I be in it again?

Yes. We encourage students to participate in the program again. However, participation depends on the source of funds that will support you. The BI and NIH funds are only for one summer. However, if a mentor has his/her own funds, or if you are interested in applying for external support, you can be in the program twice.

Is there an exception that participants should be considering a research career?

We only ask that you be open to the possibility of a research-related career. Some students become interested in research after this experience. Many do not. Some graduate, go into practice for a few years, and then decide to get involved in research areas. Some are not interested in their own project but get excited about other possibilities. Consider it an opportunity to explore options. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of the program coordinators.

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