Eligibility & Application



First- and second-year professional veterinary students in good academic standing are eligible. The program’s mission is to introduce veterinary students to research and research careers. Most positions will be reserved for those who have no experience beyond undergraduate research. There will be a limited number of positions for those who have previously participated in the VMSRTP (or similar program) and for those who have completed a MS (with thesis) or PhD. If in doubt regarding your eligibility, contact Dr. Gaddy and Dr. Long.

Mentor Selection

Students will select a mentor for the summer program prior to applying. See the list of potential mentors. One informational lunch in the fall is devoted to discussions about selecting a mentor. Program coordinators (Drs. Gaddy, Long, Vemulapalli, & Burghardt) will also meet with all potential applicants to assist in mentor selection.

Selection Criteria

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated on a competitive basis by a Selection Committee. Factors that will be considered are :

  • academic performance
  • probable research project (clarity of hypothesis and significance; students’ demonstrated understanding of the project)
  • statements of motivation and expectations
  • recommendation from your proposed faculty mentor

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